Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manic Readers gives By the Book, Five Stars

Hi, My saucy new novella, By the Book is now available.

Danny Williams is pleasantly surprised when one Friday night, Sarah, his comely wife, proposes a game to engender fresh excitement into their flagging sex life.

Handing Danny a copy of the erotic Lascivious Liaisons by Madame X, she suggests they re-enact a sex scene from the book once a week. After acting out the first scene for a heated night of sex, skeptical Danny is convinced and looking forward to the next 'By the Book' night.

However, unknown to Danny, Sarah has a plan within a plan. After several 'By the Book' nights, things start to unravel and events swing beyond Danny's control, ultimately changing their lives...forever.
Cover Art by Dee Dawning
By the Book

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket

Price: $2.50

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MR Review
By the Book
by Dee Dawning

Sarah is beautiful newlywed who loves her husband, but wants to spice up their boring sex life. So she borrows her best friend’s Lascivious Liaison's book; she is planning to re-create the scenes with her husband.

Danny is a handsome and loving husband who thinks his wife and his sex life is great until Sarah, one Friday night, drops the truthful bomb.

Sarah and Danny’s sex life takes on a whirlwind life of its own. Danny is willing to go along with it to help keep his marriage intact, but what starts out as a every man’s fantasy soon turns into a nightmare. Danny discovers that his wife and her best friend, Tish, are lovers. Now Danny has to decide if he wants them both or not.

By The Book
is a great read. It poses some interesting “what would you do” questions. I love the way the characters draw you into the story, and really make you think. By The Book is a definite mind blower that you have to read.

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