Thursday, September 17, 2009

Release Day - WOLF QUEEN

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Katia has loved Mikhail Nikolaevich forever. When her father dies, she goes to Mikhail for solace. Afterward, believing Mikhail doesn't truly care for her, Katia flees. By then, it's too late. The mating heat has started and must be completed or Katia will die.

But Mikhail is not all he seems. He's a Kindred and he's determined to have Katia as his mate. But first, he has to convince Katia that he does love her. That's easier said than done when Katia learns about the Kindred and that the man she loves turns into a werewolf. It's also complicated by the fact that Mikhail is leader of his people.
Mikhail has to defend Katia against a Council of Elders who believe she's an inferior human, and a band of rogue werewolves is out to kill them all. Can Mikhail save his bondmate before she gets challenged again, or will Katia have to fight for her life?

It was an obsession. She was an obsession. He had to find her. He had to have her, to posses her, to dominate her. She was his. And no one, not even she, would tell him no.

Mikhail Nikolaevich lifted his face into the passing wind, sniffing the frosty air. There was a variance of smells combined in the breeze, but he could easily pick out her personal fragrance. It smelled soft and musty like wild flowers and summer rain.

It was a seductive aroma. The mere hint of her scent made his cock harden with each breath that he took. She had quickly become an addiction many months ago, an addiction that he was not unwilling to feed. And feed it he would.

Jumping down from his crouched position on top of the cement steps leading down into the city park, Mikhail briskly started walking through the manicured grounds. He had been tormenting himself for two days now. It had taken him three days just to find his prey. He knew he could have taken her that first night when he had first caught her scent. She would be easy prey, walking alone through the park as she was.

But he wanted to draw his torture out, to relish in its wicked pleasure. It made the hunt all the more entertaining. He had possessed her once, and he would possess her again. It made his wait all the more sweet. Mikhail ran his tongue over his slightly distended teeth. He would not be able to put off claiming her too much longer. He could feel his tense control slowly slipping away. The beast within wanted out.

His lips twisted in a cynical smirk as he admitted he would miss the chase. It had been gratifying. She had known almost immediately that someone, or something, had been stalking her. He had felt her fear and her determination to escape him. He chuckled at her efforts to evade him, almost as if she had a choice.

He also knew she was aware of him, aware that he had come for her. While joined bondmates were always aware of their consorts, he had been a little surprised that she had picked up on his presence so quickly. That usually did not happen until after the joining. It had just made him all the more certain that she was the one he had been searching for.

Mikhail lifted his face into the cold breeze once more, inhaling her scent. She was nearby, here, in the park. He could feel her, her essence, her very heart beating. And it was beating very fast, almost too fast. Mikhail's smile was one of satisfaction, knowing that she felt his presence, and that he unnerved her.

It was not necessarily a bad thing for his bondmate to be a little afraid her Cadre. It would make her obedience more certain. As the Cadre male of his clan, obedience from his bondmate was imperative. It kept him from hurting her during the seeking or the joining, or both.

Mikhail quickened his pace down the cement walkway that wound through the park. Tonight was the night. Tonight, she would finally be his. He could feel the beast within him stirring for the hunt. His blood started to heat up in anticipation of the prize he was about to seize. His teeth ached, wanting to sink into her soft flesh. He could feel blood lust coursing through his veins. Soon, very soon, she would be his again.

Mikhail's pace was fast now, his feet barely touching the hard ground below him as he zeroed in on her. He caught a glimpse of her up ahead of him. She was walking as fast as she could without actually running. He could feel her body tighten in anticipation of an attack. She definitely knew he was here.

Again, a streak of satisfaction ran through his body at the thought that she was already aware of him, even before their eventual joining. It gratified him that her abilities were so strong. He knew she would make a good bondmate for a Cadre when he had chosen her.

The smile on Mikhail's lips quickly turned into a snarl as he felt her fear turn to total terror. Something was wrong. The fear she felt was way beyond what woman should feel when her bondmate was nearby.

Mikhail increased his speed until he was mere feet from his prey. He sensed the pulse on her neck hasten in fright. It was beating fast. Normally, he would be happy he could quicken her blood like this. But he immediately knew he did not cause this. Something, or someone, was after her besides him. They were not alone.

Clearing his mind of the lust that filled him, Mikhail sensed the presence of three human males. He could feel the evil emanating from them. They were up to no good. And they were after that which Mikhail considered his. Mikhail felt the beast inside of him seethe with anger as he attempted to hold it in. It wanted blood.

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