Monday, September 7, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #53


Long ago, before we came to our home here, we lived on a small island near the main island of Atlantis. Our people came to you wanting these bodies to be created.
Vague memories tug at me, yet remain out of reach... mists which cannot be captured and held.


There is something I do know suddenly... a flash of understanding.
“You need me now for something. Don’t you?”
We do, the three horses speak in a chorus of sound inside my mind.
I hesitate, feeling as if whatever it is I’m not capable of doing it, or accomplishing it. Or giving it.
I force my words, “What is it you need from me?”
Please, come with us. Sarius nuzzles my hand with gentle persuasion.
Nothing inside me is capable of refusing him. I nod, then reach out to stroke his gallant neck. He feels unlike any horse I’ve touched before. It’s a glossy sensation, if that makes an ounce of sense. And he feels heavenly in a way only that divine part of us can comprehend.
If you would honor my back, I will carry you to our home. Sarius moves with such grace and gentleness, positioning himself before me, that I slip from the cloud and wrap my legs around him.
I wonder what I have done as he walks forward, a floating gait that makes me breathless. The other two horses flank us, their gazes angelic.


The following week is nearly a carbon copy of the past week, yet with even more of an escalation in intensity.
It is good during this time to concentrate on your life, how it is playing out. Focus on your life as if it were a meditation or a prayer. Look upon it as a sacred movement forward. Notice things in a new light. For, that is what is being given to all of us. A new light. A new way seeing.
Indeed, remember a time when you noticed something new and different about an object, a flower, a place... something shining, a wondrous aspect you’d never noticed before.
That is the opportunity of this week no matter what else occurs.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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