Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you like stories about Angels and Demons - check out PERFECTION

For as long as I can remember, I've been totally enamored with Angels and Demons. Movies like SPAWN (though not high on my list, John Leguizamo did a great job), CONSTANTINE, - and TV shows like Angel (though he's a vampire - angels and devils do appear in the show), Charmed, and my personal fave - SUPERNATURAL - all of which keep feeding my love of these incredible creatures.

Chatting on Joyfully Reviewed today about Angels and Demons - check it out: (Click Here)

My debut book PERFECTION, book 1 of my Eternally Three series, is all about immortals. I blended Middle Eastern and Western mythology where angels and jinn are locked in a invisible war with demons and ifrit. The immortals of PERFECTION (mfm) have a unique way to sustain their lives. Throughout the book we learn about the way this world works from the notes of Micki's missing brother. For example:

I've read until my eyes burn. It seems that immortals need humans for life essence. But it takes a triad, similar to the laws of electricity and the flow between positive, negative, and conduit. In this case, an angel, a jinn, and a human. If I try to tell anyone this, will they believe me?

--- Eric's Flash Drive: day 9 - entry 3

"A sexy, intriguing paranormal world you don't want to miss. It IS Perfection!" -- Shayla Black, National Bestselling Author of Tempt Me With Darkness

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