Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trinity Magic Coming January 1

Trinity Magic will be published by Siren-Bookstrand on January 1, a great way to start a new year!
Hi, Everyone! Welcome to 1639 and the world of Trinity Magic, a story that blends the paranormal elements of witchcraft and faeries with the consequences of time travel.

For Arleigh Donovan, the year 1639 doesn't pose a problem, but being cursed bothers her a lot. Draped in a newly mortal form, Arleigh believes she still possesses the ability to kill men with love—a throwback to the time when she roamed through the centuries as a beautiful and powerful faery. The Leanan Sidhe spirit within her can rise at inopportune moments and steal the life of any man it chooses. She knows its effect because the death of the latest victim sent her to colonial Virginia as a convicted murderer. When Ryder Kendall magically appears in Caindale cottage on Trinity Island, the enticing but lunatic stranger is the last thing she needs because she has sworn to never love again. Ryder offers a temptation almost impossible to resist but succumbing to her desires might kill him.

For Ryder Kendall, the year 1639 poses an endless parade of problems. His "Weird Sisters" have sent him to 1639 to be a hero, find the woman of his dreams, and continue a dynasty. Arleigh Donovan is the woman he's been waiting for his entire life, but there's a slight problem. She's determined nothing will happen between them and she might be a little crazy. Dealing with a delusional woman and traveling through time are confusing enough, but to see his sisters over and over and over is mind-boggling. He begins to believe they might truly be what they claim—a Trinity of witches that has existed for 800 years. Contributing to his dilemma are the frustrating neutrality of a bantee, a flock of whimsical faeries, and banshees that shriek at the first drop of blood. But the biggest headache by far is his charismatic rival, Cameron Flynn, an immortal known as the Ganconor. Flynn hates the Caindale family with a 400 year old passion. He wants Ryder dead, wants Arleigh for himself, and has a plan to accomplish both.

Now all Ryder has to do is convince Arleigh he won't fall victim to a "curse", find a way to defeat an immortal, save his three "sisters", secure an inheritance and survive the everyday horrors of the 17th century. 1639 is a nightmare for Ryder, but for Arleigh it is a dream come true.

Being dropped into the past creates problems, but dying from sex shouldn't be one of them.

Trinity Magic will be released from Siren-Bookstrand Publishing on New Year’s Day but can be pre-ordered. Information can be found here:



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