Thursday, December 25, 2008


Good morning!

It's Christmas, the sun is shining, and last night my new book Syren Song released in the Menage Amour line. Can it get any better? I hope everyone reading today has a bit of Christmas magic touch their lives in some positive way.

Later today, after the family meals, when the kids are playing with their new video games, when your other half is snoring on the sofa, your relatives have all left, take some time for you, indulge, lose yourself in a sexy read from one (or more) of our talented authors here at Siren/BookStrand.

If you'd like something quick (and hot, very, very hot) to break the chill of winter, check out the excerpt for Syren Song, its guaranteed to warm you up a bit (and add a touch of spice to your holidays).

Remember, treat yourself nice this holiday season. You deserve it.

Happy Holidays!
Blaze Ballantine

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