Sunday, December 14, 2008

Angelic Forecast ~ XV

“O the weather is frightful, inside your bubble sphere is so delightful,” I say to the heavenly one, as we gaze at the slash of icy pellets with tiny snowflakes interspersed.
“Yes, weather wars are partly responsible,” he states seriously.
I sigh long and deep. “Yes, these days who knows what’s real weather and what has been manipulated.”
“In the long run of time, it will work against them. Those who are responsible. So it has been written by the Divine of Divines.”
“I hope so,” I murmur, wishing things were different, better for all us on planet Earth.
“You will notice as the magical date of Christmas approaches, the light will gradually increase in the skies.”
“The Winter Solstice? When the days lengthen again?” I ask for clarification, although I don’t think that is what the cherub refers to.
“The Winter Solstice is a *7* day this year...highly spiritual.” He pauses, casting forth a golden ball of light which illuminates the inside of the sphere and makes the raining ice crystals appear like tiny striking golden stars. I stare in wonder. “That is, the opportunity to reach for your highest spiritual self and discover a new, bolder way to live,” he continues.
“Yes, we could all glow brighter in our world. Cast our light over each other.”
“Like larger and brighter candle flames.” He waves his hand and for an instant the ice pellets become the brightness of flame, thousands of them.
“Wow,” I whisper. “Trippy.”
“To answer your question,” he croons angelically, “more sacred light is being sent. It will make the skies of beloved Earth appear more radiant...ever more radiant.”
I smile...

For the following week expect the unexpected. Whenever the ‘unexpected’ is the kind you find difficult, turn to your higher self and seek the guidance which is always available. When those you love face their unexpected challenges, advise them from your own knowledge and encourage them to seek spiritual guidance. For now is the time for all of us to share our knowledge and our experiences with each other at an even deeper level. This will bring about new and better ways for us all and lighten whatever our personal burdens are. Such gifts to each other cannot be underestimated in this time of turmoil on the world stage.

Happy Holidays & Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona



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