Sunday, December 14, 2008

Siren-Bookstrand Christmas Party

Hi! Join us for a full weekend on December 20 and 21st when we party away for Christmas!

It's all happening next weekend on the Siren-Bookstrand Group:

Christmas Crackers - Contests. Prizes. Hunks. Christmas Stocking Fillers. (Need a last minute gift? Our Stocking Fillers could give you that perfect present - especially to yourself. There will be excerpts galore to savour, from Christmas -themed stories and from other stories.)

Christmas Dreams. Share your hopes and wishes for this festive season. Be transported as our writers share their 'Couples' First Christmases.' What happens to your favourite characters at Christmas? Here's a chance to find out!

Christmas Times. Come and join in as we chat about Christmas past and present and share good memories and stories. Tell us your favourite Christmas song. Wow us with your best Christmas memory.

Christmas Fun. Recipes. Candies. Drinks. Chatter. Jokes.

All welcome! Tell your friends. Come as and when you can - it's all weekend on December 20-21st, right here:

Best wishes, Lindsay

Lindsay Townsend


FLAVIA'S SECRET - sensual historical romance set in Roman Britain.
Bookstrand 4.5 Red Roses and Blue Ribbons. 4
Books. Book of the Week at LASR 4 Stars.

A SECRET TREASURE - sweet romantic suspense set on Rhodes. Bookstrand. The
perfect holiday read. 5 Stars. 4.5 Red Roses. 4
Cups. 5 Angels. 4 Books. 4 Bookmarks

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Savanna Kougar said...

Omygoodness, what a celebration!!!

Lindsay Townsend said...

It should be wonderful, Savanna! I do hope Volcano can make it, too. I'm looking forward to his Christmas angel predictions.

Savanna Kougar said...

Volcano is whispering in my ear, he'll be there with celestial bells on, and do angelic readings for anyone who asks...