Monday, December 22, 2008

Angelic Forecast ~ XVI

“Happy Winter Solstice,” I say to the Heavenly One. He surfs next to me, riding on a stream of stars.
“Good timing, right?” He grins, lighting up my dark bedroom with a golden glow.
“Darn right, since I was about to visit dreamland.”
“The time of the Winter Solstice is always busy,” he explains.
I lift my eyebrows in question while bathing in the sparkling tiny globes of light falling down on me like rain.
“It is a time when people open themselves to hearing our sacred messages, and call upon us.”
“They receive your light as they receive the longer days of light.”
He smiles from ear to ear, waves his hand and a cascade of jewel-colored sparkles float downward.
I smile, feeling utterly blissful. “This year Christmas day breaks down to the number eleven, then two. A day of destiny and love.”
“Yes. Now is the time to gather all those you love as close as possible. The time for community has arrived, a renaissance of community. The more people learn to live and work together for the benefit of all, the brighter their days.”
“I can believe that,” I mutter, wishing it would occur over night, as I watch him surf from my bedroom, the stars forming like an ocean wave.

The following week brings many moments of great highs and great lows...great joys and great sadness on the world stage. Although, this is a week for giving and receiving gifts from each other, a time for celebrating that we are able to give from our hearts to each other, it is also a time of cleansing, for letting go of those old gifts which no longer suit us, as certain styles of clothing may no longer suit us, or suit the direction of our lives.
Indeed, release the old and receive the new gifts Spirit has for you. Smile often at each other. Enjoy what those you love give you. Look at their hearts for you. And let them look at your heart for them. For that is the heart of our holidays.

Happy Holidays & Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona




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Kiss from Savanna Kougar...

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Savanna Kougar said...

May every blessing be yours...

Lindsay Townsend said...

Beautiful and timely forecast, Savanna.Please thank Volcano for me.

Savanna Kougar said...

Thank you, Lindsay, I will...
Volcano is sending you special vibes for Christmas...