Monday, December 8, 2008

Angelic Forecast ~ XIV

“Happy Holidays,” I greet the heavenly one, as he dismounts from his cloud shaped like a bad-boy motorcycle.
Why I offer that standard sentiment I’m not sure, of course, because it does seem redundant. “Although,” I add, “aren’t cherubs always in the Christmas spirit?”
“Do you mean in the spirit of giving and receiving?” he asks, a twinkle in his otherwise serious gaze.
“Partly, yes. But there is a magic to this time of year.” I pick up a pine cone, and finger it gently.
“Yes.” He hunkers down beside me. “But not as it is generally understood and practiced. The magic or spiritual meaning is much deeper in nature. Unravel the mystery of the pine cone itself, and you will understand the true magical time that is upon us.”
“Frequencies,” I murmur, focusing on the rough feel of the pine cone. “Do you mean the frequencies at this time of year offer spiritual opportunities we’re not aware of?”
“Many. The angle of the sun is lower as it crosses the horizon. Or the celestial is in closer contact with Earth. Now is the time to join spiritual energies with the energies of Earth and rise anew. Rise as a new being. Just as the dormant seeds will begin anew in Spring.”
“ is important to rest then,” I say.
“Seeds rest to grow when their time comes.”
The cherub places his palm over mine, so that our hands are joined over the pine cone. I feel a delicate flow of tingles. As his hand slowly departs from mine, I see a baby pine tree.

The following week brings the opportunity to confidently move in a direction that you’ve been contemplating for several months now. Whether it is a first step, or several more large strides toward your goal, this is the time to expect results. Also, assist others with their confidence. A pat on the back, a smile of encouragement, a simple suggestion – it will all bring about wonderful results. And this will be a true gift given, or a true gift received when someone assists you. Look for those gifts, recognize them when you enjoy moments of quiet solitude. For that will be of great assistance to you this week...a time of quiet and sweet reflection.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona



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