Sunday, December 28, 2008

Angelic Forecast ~ XVII

“Happy New Year,” I say to the heavenly one, once he emerges from a translucent golden sphere. His smile is extra wide and smug. I guess that he and his Sedona have engaged in an act of passion...or several acts of passion. Raising my eyebrows, I don’t ask.
Besides, being the author, I don’t need to. *Insert smug smile here*
“Happy New Year.” His purply eyes tease and glow adorably. “Do you know 2009 is the Year of Two?”
“I do. I do,” I repeat, liking the rhyme. “Will more couples be saying, ‘I do, I do’ in this year of love and this year of 9 increasing the energy of 2?”
“Hmmmm...that I do not see. It’s more the energy 2 increasing the energy of 9. Although the opportunity for love will abound, despite the downturn in the world’s economy. Universal love between people will come into expression more and more, which is the salvation for All on Earth.”
“Yes, I hope to see that occur.” I sigh, despair tugging at me, despite the cherub’s sweet vibration enveloping me, and his words of hope.
“The more people look to one another to form new ways of community, the faster the state of the world will improve.”
His tone is boldly serious. I nod.

The following week of the New Year brings subtle opportunities for growth in your spiritual direction and in the direction of your heart. Also, look for those lovely subtle ways to move toward your goals, ways which will make you and others smile or simply glow with appreciation for each other. The time for community has come. Every skill you develop toward creating communities during this upcoming year will serve you and others in the future, and in ways which will become profound.

Happy New Year & Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Help Bring in the New Year of 2013...


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