Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glimpse into the Past of Little Tokyo Los Angeles

During most of the week I'm in downtown Los Angeles and while I've been to Little Tokyo countless times today was the first time I specifically went to 3 historical locations to research settings for a short story.

Fugetsu-Do Confectioners [vid] which was established in 1903 and a few doors down is Far East Cafe [better pic] established in 1896 and currently closed.  Across the street, nestled in a courtyard is the current location for Koyasan temple which was founded in 1912.

I really recommend people in the L.A. area to visit Little Tokyo because the revitalization project is really a "let's turn the whole area into a trendy area for condos/apts". 

Below is a video on youtube showing the Obon festival:

~Silapa Jarun

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