Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sandstone Legacy by Rachel McNeely just released

Sandstone Legacy
by Rachel McNeely

Jake Andrews and Katie Weber are the only beneficiaries set to inherit the valuable Sandstone Ranch property. But who wants it more? Jake needs the property to further his successful business and plans to tear down the old house. Katie wants the house to remain and is willing to fight for it.

The people of Treehaven believe the old farmhouse is haunted. Katie and Jake have thirty days to discover the truth and print the findings in the local paper.
Jake doesn't believe in ghosts, but since Katie's first visit to the old farm house, she's been convinced that not only does a ghost reside there but also it doesn't want company.

Together they battle the growing attraction between them, a not so friendly ghost, and the hidden secrets that will expose an enduring love story and a person willing to kill to keep the secrets of Sandstone hidden forever.

"For several years, I've been writing stories set in Regency England. When the idea for Sandstone Legacy popped into my head, I decided to try writing a contemporary novel, but as my critique partners said, I couldn't leave out a tad bit of history.
Having lived in the south most of my life I've always been fascinated by the big old houses. The architecture has personality. I've imagined sitting on the wide porches and listening to the stories of past residents and their lives. So, I wasn't surprised when the beginnings of Sandstone Legacy took form in my mind.
But what about my ghost? My husband has often talked about civil war battle fields near his boyhood home in Virginia and this tweaked my interest. I did some research looking at books about the war and stories of ghostly appearances, visited a Bed and Breakfast, heard their tale of a possible ghost, and started writing." ~ Rachel ~

To read the EXCERPTS for Sandstone Legacy CLICK HERE

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