Saturday, November 15, 2008

Author Discovery - Silapa Jarun!

SAMURAI'S FORBIDDEN LOVE: KATANA DUET by Silapa Jarun (new-to-me author):

Aki and Akeno are twin brothers, mirror samurai who are finding it difficult to assimilate to the American ways. Helping them along on their journey are the mysterious, and small-town siblings, Konrad and Klara who are renting out a room to the brothers as the twins try to save up enough money to make it on their own.

Aki, an ambitious medical student assists Konrad in his makeshift lab as the American works feverishly to find the answers behind and a cure to his younger sister's respiratory illness. But like the relationship between Aki and Akeno, the brother and sister's relationship is one fraught with intrigue and prohibition.

Aki is the older twin and, driven by a past incident where he was unable to defend his brother from the predators of their homeland back in Japan, he spends his days now trying to protect Akeno, the seemingly more submissive and "weak" twin from his own naiveté and the world at large.

KATANA DUET is a unique and enthrallingly executed story, one of intrigue, forbidden love, familial betrayal and loyalty that comes to an explosive and surprising climax and will leave the reader reflective if not totally staggered. This is the kind of story and characters that sneak up on and stay with the reader, haunting her long after the last page is read. The subject matter is definitely not for the squeamish or readers of delicate sensibilities, but it is well-worth the time and risk to experience Aki and Akeno's world.

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