Saturday, November 8, 2008

Author Discovery: The Prince and the Nun

The Prince and the Nun
by Jacqueline George

I finally had a block of time to finish another one of Jacqueline's books. I've noticed that Jacqueline is a master at building believable environments and communities because both The Prince and the Nun and Light O'Love feature memorable characters who can hardly be called merely "supporting" cast members.

Let's discuss the "Prince" in the story. Mefist IS Prince Charming in every sense of the word but he and his soldiers are caught in a war and assigned to take full control of sleepy convent hidden away in Krasna Dolina Valley which is a time capsule for an old way of life and religious beliefs.

Mefist must deal with Mother Therese, an attractive and intelligent leader of the nuns who must also protect the inhabitants of the valley around the castle.

Well to be exact, he doesn't really "deal" with Therese, he orders in the most charming way as possible to convert part of the convent into a bordello and decides to train the young women as well. The temporary arrangement will affect all the women's lives permanently as they meet people from beyond the valley, face the realities of war and realize that physical love is simply divine.

Jacqueline's work is a delicate narrative involving many pairings, characters from many backgrounds and a highly anticipated ending between the hero and unlikely heroine.

After I completed the work, I couldn't help but feel that the convent's occupants are now truly prepared to go forth and find new paths in their lives.

The Prince and the Nun is a satisfying read for anyone who would like to meet a very strong heroine who realizes her spiritual convictions do not conflict with the temptation her Prince presents to her....

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Jacqueline said...

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review, Silapa. It always gives me an extra buzz when an expert enjoys one of my books. I shall go to bed happy tonight!