Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shifting Vampires

Ancient vampires in many cultures merely menaced the countryside and induced the living to desecrate graves and follow superstitions. Absent in old interpretations are angst over the burden of immortality or feeling torn between the ethics of feeding on the living.

As someone who reads paranormal e-books, I've come across several vampire stories and noticed how vampires are changing. Now vampires no longer just turn into bats, read minds or have superhuman strength, they now scale walls, master Eastern martial arts and modern weapons and seem to spend considerable time dressing up in black leather.

So what strange or new innovations have you found in vampires in modern writings?

~ Silapa Jarun

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Winning Virgin Lust - Winning Virgin 3

Mr. Right - Blind Date After Dark 1

Convince Me

The Awakening - Raven Feathers

Night Huntress

To find more vampire books available at just do a *keyword search using "vampire".

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Gracie said...

Great list, Silapa!

My Sisters of Emsharra series (Guardian Seductress, Predator's Salvation and Sentenel's Hunger) would fall into this category. Though they are succubae, and feed on human (male) energy during sexual intercourse, they often revert to their old ways of obtaining energy through sucking blood during the sexual act, to them an aberrant and abhorrent habit as they believe their race as a whole has evolved way beyond this barbaric method of feeding. They’re vampires in denial ;)