Monday, November 10, 2008

Mucho Caliente! - Review

Disillusioned and recently divorced, Gemma Talbot heads to the Mediterranean resort island of Ibiza to start a new life. On the flight to the island, she meets Latino heart-throb and pop star, Emilio Caliente. Totally overawed by his mere presence, she somehow manages not to screw up the opportunity, and persuades him to accept a ride to the hotel.

On the car ride to the hotel he turns towards her and says, "Gemma, you are the most beautiful, most wonderful creature I've ever met. You're neither fat, nor smelly, and gee, your hair smells terrific. Will you join me in my room and have wild sex with me?" NO, that was her imagination, and when they arrive at the hotel, Emilio has to be elsewhere than in the company of an "older woman."

The reader wonders how the gauche Gemma will manage to pluck Emilio away from the Swedish beauties and East European nymphomaniacs. Perhaps she doesn't, but Gemma certainly tries hard enough, ably assisted by her BFF, Celeste, and her upper class pal, Laura.

In these pages, this accomplished author gives us some marvelous observations and insights into the female psyche and human behavior. One could say, almost Dickensian. For example: "I forego piling on a ton of makeup and opt for the paired down, natural, "hey guys, I'm not wearing any makeup" look, which on a good day wouldn't pose a problem. Today, however, I'm partial to paper bags." Furthermore, Ms. Prescott gives away some (actually, lots of) girl secrets, "Am I just searching for reassurance on the status of my pulling power?"

On the way to pursuing her goal, Gemma finds time to compare Emilio with her ex (guess who wins that one), and avoids the distraction of erstwhile boyfriend, Kevin. Not to mention heading off the Ibiza chapter of the Emilio Caliente fan-club.

Reading Mucho Caliente!, one finds oneself laughing out loud, or simply sniggering at Gemma's wacky antics. Ms Prescott's style reminded me of Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones's Diary), and she is literarily as skilled as the British author. In other words, Mucho Caliente! is both a rewarding and a hilarious read.

~ Bill Newman


Lindsay Townsend said...

Great review for a Laugh-Out-Loud book! Well done Bill! Well done Francesca!

Francesca Prescott said...

Thank you Mr Newman! I'm so happy you enjoyed this wild and crazy story!
xx Francesca