Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kentucky Woman

Hi, Everyone! I’d like to invite you to check out my new book, Kentucky Woman, which will be the newest release in the Ménage Amour Collection from Siren Publishing.

The book takes place in, of course, Kentucky in 1862 during the Civil War. It’s an erotic historical ménage involving a relationship between a young widow and two bounty hunters.

Jessie McGee runs a way station for the Underground Railroad. When her life spins out of control and friends are abducted, she has to find a way to get them back. She strikes a bargain with two bounty hunters – her body in exchange for their skills. Giving her body is easier than giving her trust to two men who stand against everything she believes in. Of course not everything is what it appears to be and Jessie soon discovers Raines and Billy have more secrets than she does.

Raines and Billy have their left pasts behind and enmeshed themselves in a world of danger. They’re reluctant to be involved with someone like Jessie who barrels through life with a spirit and drive they can barely fathom. They soon discover that Jessie could possibly lure them back into the world of the living and that scares them more than the threat of the war and the dangers of their own job.

Come spend time in Jessie, Raines and Billy’s world. It’s filled with danger, sex, intrigue, adventure, sex, fun, sex, frolic, sex, laughter and sex. Along the way you’ll meet good guys and bad guys, friends and family. I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

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