Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SHADOW LOVER brings you love in the dark!

Shadow Lover

by Audrey Godwin
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Two men. The same, yet opposites. Quinn Grayson is the hottest, most handsome man Chyna Marsh has ever seen, and yet she seems to be unusually curious about the other brother...the mysterious silhouette who lurks in the shadows. Why does he stay hidden while staring at her with eyes that reflect hunger? Why does he live in a cellar, and why does he refuse to let her see his face? With the vivid imagination of a writer of romance novels she sees the elusive phantom as a romantic figure tormented by the demons of his past, but in reality he is a scarred up hulking beast who will devour her if she gets close. She's been warned, so, why does she insist on venturing into the darkness where he stays? Why does she stand outside his cell door dressed in little more than a teddy? And why would she want to tempt the poor beast with her curvaceous body when he hasn't had a woman in ten years? Perhaps she wants to make him the central character of her next book...or maybe she wants to find out just how this contemporary Frankenstein...makes love!

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