Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews

Hi! I'm Audrey Godwin, a SirenBookStrand author. It's been a while since I've posted on the blog, but wanted to drop in and say hi, while at the same time let you read some reviews of my books. These reviews are slightly dated, but the books were very well received. Hope you like them.

Five Hearts from The Romance Studio!!

Dancing with the Devil
is a fascinating story of insanity and obsession. It was not what I was expecting. This is a complex story that has many surprises in store for the reader. Audrey Godwin has written an adventure that will blow you away. The story by itself is marvelous. Then to make things even more interesting you have the added erotic scenes. The sex is beautifully choreographed and it is like watching it happen as you read. The sex is both passionate and stimulating. The dialogue is well written and easy to follow. There is also a mystery to be solved in this story. What evil was Shania running from and will it find her before she remembers? There is a paranormal angle to this story but I wondered if it is not the insanity spreading. Sometimes evil doesn't die, it comes back for you and sometimes you may escape one prison just to find yourself in another; seem to be the running themes in this story. I feel readers that enjoy an erotic adventure with a hint of paranormal will highly enjoy reading, Dancing with the Devil.
Overall rating: Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Anita

Kwips and Kritiques gives Sweet Hell
five Clover Leafs!

I have to say, the publisher’s blurb for Sweet Hell didn’t do it credit. While titillating, it presented this story as very one-dimensional, focusing on Pari’s illness, nymphomania. There is definitely a lot more to this story than the synopsis lets on. Sweet Hell was ripe with suspense, action, and scheming. Incorporating some paranormal elements... and of course, a sensual romance.
Sweet Hell was a good read. I do look forward to other books by Audrey Godwin, whose writing style and imagination are rare.
Reviewed by Jennifer

Warning: Pure Erotica: may contain harsh language, extreme BDSM, group sex/partner switching, and moderate violence (This is a warning that was given by Road to Romance)

SIN CITY is a darkly erotic tale that deals with politics, sexual deception, suspense, and of course, love. Griff, by no coincidence resembles someone that held the political limelight in the United States for quite a few years. He has an addiction to illicit sex, women, and the darker side of life. Lorelei, on the other hand, is the portrait of the perfect wife. She stands behind Griff no matter what he does, even if his actions result in heartbreak for her. SIN CITY is a gripping read that is dark, intense, and erotic. Readers will hate Griff, while falling in love with him. His attempts at bettering himself, while falling prey to his own inner demons, touched a soft spot with me. I found myself torn between wanting to rescue him, and slapping him for being such an idiot. In spite of his idiocy, Griff is a completely likeable character that also has redeemable qualities.
Ms. Godwin does a remarkable job of writing a novel that centers on politics, and political scandals, and still incorporates romance and love.

Reviewed by Ansley Velarde
The Road to Romance

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