Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for inviting me to blog today for the first time! This is Carol McKenzie and I'm proud to announce that Siren-Bookstrand has accepted two interracial / contemporary short stories of mine--Saved by a Deputy and Fixation to be released next year. I'm very excited about this and can't wait for them to come out.

Story 1: Saved by a Deputy
Liberty drives to Metropolis, Illinois to find safety at her friend's farm. Will, the deputy who lives next door, the one who promises to watch over her help to protect her from her evil ex? Liberty's story is grim and her ex-boyfriend is in jail. He may try to find her again one day and harm her. Liberty barely gets settled when Will drives up. She learns he is an ex-marine, a tough guy who attracts her. Will they get together? Will he save her?

Story 2: Fixation

Will Lenore Mueller be able to lose the weirdo who stalks her through most of the story, Fixation?

She gets an invitation from a lover in her past. Sawyer is now a Deputy Sheriff who works and lives in a nearby county. He and his sister invites Lenore to join them on a biker’s run to the state fair. Lenore had been corresponding with Brianna through email. Brianna didn’t tell her that Sawyer is now free of his relationship with another woman.

During the biker’s rally, the four of them plan to spend the night in separate tents and go to the fair, returning to Pleasant City the following day. Will they get back together and will Sawyer stop the stalker?

Thank you,
Carol McKenzie

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Caffey said...

Hi Carol!!! Huge congrats on your contract for books with Siren!! And a Deputy and Sheriff story as well!! I assume those two work together and they both find their romance? Awesome! I've had the joy of reading other books of yours so I'm thrilled you will have more!!!

Anonymous said...

hope you and your family are doing well. I think of you often. How long have we been corresponding via the internet anyway, girl? Ha Ha! You take care. :0)