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Blurb: In spite of Hawk Rivers refusal to share in her book, Karly yearns to know the real man who guards a secret with his life. Hawk insists he's bad for her even while at the same time expressing his desire for her in no uncertain terms. Attracted to him beyond reason, Karly willingly tumbles into bed with him, knowing in her heart she will definitely get hurt. As Karly follows the rodeo circuit, snapping photos of the cowboys, her focus remains zeroed in on one particular mysterious, sexy cowboy--the cowboy who already has the power to break her heart.


This time when Hawk Rivers wheeled around to face her, murder gleamed in his dark, fathomless eyes. Uh...oh. Maybe she'd gone a tad too far.

"I'm parked over there." She stood on tiptoes and pointed over his shoulder. "You must be, too. What a coincidence."

Before he could say anything, Karly breezed past him, flipping her shoulder length hair with one hand.

Sensing his masculine heat following her, she wrestled back the urge to spin around and go another round with him, since she wasn't sure who had won the first two.

When she reached her small motor home, she dug her keys out of her jeans pockets. Karly knew Hawk Rivers was still behind her because she felt his presence like a dozen people crowded together on a packed city bus. After she unlocked the door, she stepped inside.

Karly dumped the camera, two extra telephoto lenses, and the leather tote that carried extra film and equipment on the small kitchen table. "Care for something to drink?" She glanced over her shoulder at him. He stood outside, hands planted on his hips, the chaps emphasizing his groin. "Well?"

Lifting her shoulder with a casualness she didn't feel, she angled over to the small refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water. Karly walked back to the door and held one bottle out to Hawk Rivers. When he snatched it from her hand, she figured he might crush the bottle inside his palm instead of drinking it. Fascinated, Karly watched as he twisted off the cap and guzzled down the twelve-ounce bottle in one long swallow. "Feel better?"

Hawk replaced the cap. "No pictures."

Rolling her eyes, she looked up at the ceiling. "Why the hell not? You're the epitome of a cowboy."

"I'll buy the film from you. What do you want for it?"

Karly was starting to believe Hawk Rivers could possibly be on the wrong side of the law, but if he was a fugitive from justice, he wouldn't be flaunting himself in front of three hundred people at a public event. "It's not for sale."

"Now if you'll excuse me." She started to shut the door, but his hand blocked it.

"I don't want my pictures in a damn book." Anger burned in his eyes, like the scorching late afternoon sun.

KARLY'S DRIFTER, Book 2 of Rodeo Cowboys, the Series, From Siren Publishing

Sage Burnett

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