Monday, June 16, 2008

Excerpt from an interview with Claire Carmody for the Mudflat Neighborhood News, written by Kip, student reporter:

A Mudflat backyard is capable of containing anything, because Mudflat is where old magic lives.

So that's where I'm looking, in my cousin's backyard. Somebody is causing a whole lot of bad stuff to happen and I am betting on magic.

Obvious direction to look, according to Seattle law enforcement, is adjacent houses used for meth labs or by pushers. Mudflat knows better. That kind of stuff can happen any place else. But in this neighborhood, look for a cranky wizard or a crackpot vigilante. Look for old magic.
Either way, I don't like to hang around.
Because somebody is shooting at me
What I really really need is a hero.


"a great read!"... The cast of supporting characters makes this story a hit. Since this is the first of a series I can't wait to see what Claire and her band of barbarians are up to next!
Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen, at

I love the writing. It's lively, attitudinal and perfect for a spunky 20-something finding herself plunked down in another world.
- Pat Cooper, reviewer for Romantic Times magazine

...a great story ... Rachel at BittenByBooks reviews

... wonderful mix of astrology, sword-and-sorcery, and urban fantasy. - Rosemary Jones (author of Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, Forgotten Realms, WOC)

I love her straight-forward-shoot-from-the-hip attitude and I can’t wait to learn how she deals with the barbarian. - Amy, Kansas, reader

...The plot is fiendishly clever (like the heroine) and all fits together like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle... furious pace... once you reach the last 100 pages, don't plan on going anywhere until you've finished. - Bill Newman, author of "Venture," Bookstrand


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