Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Once Upon A Time, A Fairy Tale Collection

Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Collection: Familiar themes with a sexy twist.

This anthology gives the reader a rich and diverse serving from some of Siren’s most prolific, and best-selling authors. That may sound a tad immodest, as I was blessed to have a story of mine—Beau And The Lady Beast—included in this book. But I have to be totally honest, here. Every one of these short stories is a winner. Let me share with you a glimpse of the treasures my story was fortunate enough to be included with.

Nine Inches of Snow And The Ebony Princess by Gracie C. McKeever is a story of shapeshifters, psychics, and destiny. From different backgrounds and different cultures, Aziza Lopez isn’t prepared for her reaction to meeting David Healey. What begins as an unexpected assignation becomes a quest for healing—and justice. McKeever’s characters capture the reader’s emotions and her dialog sparkles as hero and heroine come together across planes in search of that happy-ever-after.

Imagine being stood up, only to find a two-inch tall naked man on your porch? Camille Barton knows she’s only sipped one glass of wine; Tanner Clinton knows his young nephew’s claim of being able to invoke a magic spell is just make-believe. But what happens next is pure fun as Camille agrees to allow the tiny, naked and, she is certain, figment-of-her-imagination to stay the night. Only problem is, she awakens the next morning with a bed mate who is all man. Sage Burnett has crafted a witty, heart-touching tale of love, lust, and magic in Under Tanner’s Thumb.

Next, journey outside our own galaxy into the wonderful imagination of Lara Santiago in Little Red Rides The Wolf. Cheri Amaranth travels to the planet Selenia to meet her aging Grandfather for the first time. Once she lands, though, nothing is the way she thought it would be. First there’s a beautiful blue-eyed wolf; then an enigmatic Hunter; and finally, Caine Wolver, whose captivating blue eyes somehow seem familiar. Lara Santiago’s characters grab the reader’s heart from the first moment, and her fast-paced plot keeps you guessing—and smiling—right up to the end.

With prose as lyrical as the phantom song Lady Cynthia Lucas hears, Emma Wildes creates a timeless story of love and destiny in The Merman. Armand, a prince from a realm cloaked in mystery and myth has come to England in search of his one true love. Lady Cynthia has always been drawn to the sea. Destiny brings them together, but Cynthia wonders if what she feels for Armand is real, or as ethereal as the wind. The reader comes away from this story with a full heart and a belief in the fantastical.

In Kinsey And The Exotic Dancing Princess, Tonya Ramagos paints a tale of lucre versus love in a locale that is as exotic as it is compelling. Kinsey is a soldier on a quest for his life’s fortune; Damita is a princess whose secret life is her heart. With marvellous imagery and clever twists, the characters soar to sensual heights and are torn by unexpected dilemmas. The reader will cross their fingers—and cheer—this evocative and memorable story.

Marina Bennett and Sebastian Montclaire have met only on line; yet the connection they make defies the boundaries of logic in Tower Of Secrets by Samantha Lucas. A veritable prisoner in her own home, Marina yearns to know the touch of a real man. As enigmatic as he is handsome, Sebastian plans to storm the tower and claim Marina as his own. In a sensual tale with strong emotion and imaginative turns, the reader will hope—and smile—to the very end.

Once Upon A Time A Fairy Tale Collection will give you wonderful bed-time stories you'll want to read again and again!



Romance...with that extra bit of heat.


Gracie said...


What a great write-up!

I've got a copy of this collection sitting on my TBR piles. I've read most of the stories in e-format, but wanted to have a copy with all the stories together and one I could read at my leisure :)

I've reco'd the book to readers with diverse tastes, but I've still got a couple of the stories to read myself ;)

Thanks for posting this!

Lara Santiago said...

You're the coolest, Morgan. :):)
It's a lovely write up, thank you!