Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 Stars for Sisters of Emsharra!

GUARDIAN SEDUCTRESS: Book 1: “An erotica with a decent plot! This is a rare find; therefore, I want to make sure that fans of the Erotica genre know about this title. The next book, also given within the same cover, begins one year after this one ends, but with different main characters and problems.”

PREDATOR’S SALVATION: Book 2: “…BOTH stories actually have decent plots. The backgrounds of the main characters are not fully developed, but more than enough is told so that I, as the reader, felt that I understood what motivates each character. By including Ryan and Gen in the second story, the author made the situation a bit more believable to me. All-in-all, I highly recommend this book to fans of erotica. And do not worry if any alien terms confuse you, a glossary of terms is at the end of the book - but I never needed to use it even once. Fantastic!” 4 Stars, Detra Fitch – Huntress Reviews

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