Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 Angels for Bouncer's Folly!

“Ms. McKeever has added to the Zara’s Bois series with this unique and intriguing story. Zara has lived through a lot to learn that you have to live for more than just self interest. I loved how the angels sent her to Earth, but still kept an eye on her to help in any way they could. Travis always kept his eye on his brother and in the end he was allowed to see that everything worked out for Travis. I was fascinated to see how Zara adapted to the changes from female to male and in the end reveled in them with Ramsey. The growing feelings between Zara and Ramsey were wonderful to behold as they fulfilled each others wildest dreams. Thanks go to Ms. McKeever for this great series.” 4 Angels, Reviewed by: Teresa.

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