Monday, June 16, 2008

Interview for the Mudflat News:

Kip, student reporter: Miss Carmody, do you think Mudflat has a higher or lower crime rate than the rest of Seattle?

Claire Carmody: Crime can happen anywhere, even in Mudflat.

Obvious direction to look, according to Seattle law enforcement, is adjacent houses used for meth labs or by pushers. Mudflat knows better. In this neighborhood, look for a cranky wizard or a crackpot vigilante. Look for old magic.

Either way, I don't like hanging around my cousin's place because yikes, somebody is shooting at us!

What we really really need right now is a hero!

Mudflat titles from Bookstrand:
Tarbaby Trouble, July 2, 2008
Welcome to Mudflat, October, 2008

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