Saturday, June 28, 2008

Allie K. Adams - AT ANY COST

Allie K. Adams - AT ANY COST
Coming to BookStrand, September, 2008
Welcome to the world of counter-terrorism. A world of intrigue, danger, and agents sworn to protect our way of life AT ANY COST. The National Agency for Safety, Security, and Defense, or NASSD, is an underground government agency whose single purpose is to defend everything we hold dear. The agents who work for NASSD are calculated, precise, and sexy as hell. So pick up a NASSD novel and hold on for the thrilling ride of a lifetime!
AT ANY COST is the first in the NASSD series. Please read on for the back cover 'blurb':
When a NASSD double agent steals the technology for a deadly virus known as LEON, counter-terrorist agent Dan Weber is more than ready to take on the complex and potentially deadly mission to hunt down the technology he once protected with his life, even if it means babysitting a gorgeous, yet reckless tomboy agent.

Rookie JT Turner is hungry to prove her worth in a profession dominated by men. Even though she can hold her own against a dozen trained agents, she's been labeled a screw up after too many mishaps. JT would do anything to redeem herself, even accept a shady mission to track down a phantom disc NASSD denies ever existed.

Undermanned and unarmed, can they unravel a madman's plot and remove the threat before it is unleashed? In a race against time, the line between desire and destiny will blur, and their true desires will finally be met.
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