Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Lips gives Free Falling 5 lips!!

My thanks to Tina at Two Lips for her beautiful review of the second in the Damaged Heroes series, Free Falling! A five lip rating!


Laurie Miller was feeling burnt out. Her psychic gift of empathy has left her. Being a psychologist, she could live without it, but it made life that much harder. She decides to go away from people for a while and recharge herself. She needs to figure out what is wrong so she can come back fresh so she goes to Montana for while. Ross Kennedy has just lost the love of his life to someone else. Though he is happy for Katie he still misses her. He, too, needs to recharge and regroup. He takes a vacation to Montana to do just that. When Ross gets lost and Laurie ends up saving him from hypothermia they get to know each other very well, trapped in a cabin together for days snowed in. The more they get to know each other the more in love they become. But they both have to eventually go back to their lives in Chicago. Once there they have a mystery on their hands with a diary they found, and Laurie has a stalker, to boot, with an old boyfriend that just will not let go. Can Ross save Laurie and solve this mystery before it is too late?

Sandy James has the second installment to her Damaged Heroes Series with Free Falling. Ross is over worked and missing Katie. He really is happy she is married and off on her own but he misses having someone special in his life. Laurie is over worked and just plain burnt out. She really needs a vacation from everyone and everything. Together Ross and Laurie are what the other needs. She needs to have a stable man who is willing to let her be herself in her life. Ross needs stability of a relationship and a purpose to his life that Laurie brings.Since this is the second to the Damaged Heroes Series I feel you'd have a better understanding of Ross if you read Murphy’s Law first. Though this book can stand alone and be enjoyed too. When you want your romance sweet, emotionally charged, and one to remember you want Free Falling.

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