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Thirty years after his father, the High Ruler of Katzman, was murdered, Commander Chellak Rai has finally returned to reclaim his birthright. What he finds is more than he expected or could ever have hoped for.

Demyan is a bruter, one of the rare and exotic people of the planet Elquone. He is also a slave. And according to his contract, if he does not have a master, he must be returned to the cruel hands of Vortigern Vedek, the man that killed Chellak's father and stole his throne.

For Chellak, it is a double-edged sword. He knows the moment he meets Demyan that the sexy little man is his destined mate, but the laws of his planet state that he can not own a slave. To keep Demyan, he must defy his own laws and beliefs. But keeping Demyan is not as easy as winning his heart.

"The Katzman's Mate is another strong story by Stormy Glenn and one I highly recommend. 5 Stars" --Rainbow Reviews.
"Ms. Glen has written a magical tale that will have you smiling through your tears while you want to teach the big macho alpha a lesson in listening. 5 Cups" --Coffee Time Romance.
"Not only has she given us a book with two worthy protagonists, but a solid plot that lends itself to future book. 4.5 Blue Ribbons" --Romance Junkies.
"Ms. Glenn has created an intricate and fascinating story in a futuristic world with unique and compelling characters. 5 Angels" --Fallen Angel Reviews.

Vedek stomped up to the table and slapped an ownership disk down on the table. "Here! Is this what you wanted?"
Chellak picked up the disk and carefully went over the data. He handed it to Sorina for her consideration. "Is this everything I need for ownership of the brüter?"
Sorina read over the data as carefully as Chellak did before shaking her head as she handed the disk back to him. "No, while this is the correct data file, there is still the official certificate of ownership and the ring."
Vedek huffed and puffed. "How dare you, you insolent slave. You will be severely punished for this, Sorina."
Sorina stood up tall and proud as she could and she looked Vedek right in the face, defying his dictate of thirty years that said she couldn't and smiled. "You can't punish me, Vedek. I don't belong to you anymore."
"Oh, and you think your new master won't punish you? He will, mark my words, he will punish you," Vedek sneered.
"Oh, but that's where you're wrong, Vedek. Chellak's not my new master. He just freed me. I won't be punished by anyone, certainly not you." The astonished and outraged look on Vedek's face was almost worth the last thirty years…almost. Taking the brüter from him would be the icing on the cake.
"Now, Vedek, I believe that Matriz Sorina said something about an official certificate and a ring of ownership? Please hand it over to her."
"To her? Why would I give it to her?"
"Because I am putting Matriz Sorina in charge of the brüter."
Vedek shot glares of hatred at Chellak and Sorina. He dug out the official certificate of ownership out of his robes, tossing it on the table. Pulling the ring off of his finger, he tossed it down as well.
As guards escorted Vedek from the room, Sorina smiled bigger than she had in years. She turned to Chellak to thank him only to be surprised when he handed her the data disk, ownership papers, and ring.
"When you believe I am ready, Matriz Sorina, when you feel you can trust me, please return these to me. Until then, I leave the brüter safely in your hands. If anyone gives you any problems about it, come to me and I will take care of it."
"I believe you're ready now, Chellan Rai," she stated as she handed everything back to him. She nodded to the small group of people on the other side of the room.
Chellak turned to the small group, surprised when their ranks divided to reveal a small figure in a white hooded cape. The small figure came forward several steps before stopping in front of Sorina.
"Chellak Rai, I give you the brüter, Demyan. Demyan, you're new master."
The small figure dropped to his knees before him and small delicate hands reached up to lower the hood, revealing the exquisite man beneath.
Chellak felt the world drop out from beneath his feet at the sight of the beauty before him. As one of the kaztmen race, he immediately knew he looked at his future, his mate.
The brüter was small and delicate looking, his features fine boned, and nearly pearly white. He couldn't have been more than 5'4" and maybe 125 pounds. A soft white leather shirt stretched over his chest, white leather pant covered his legs. A long, white blond braid fell nearly to his knees.
Chellak felt the blood in his body begin to boil at the site of the young man. He had never seen anyone so perfect in his life. The smell of delicate moonflowers and summer rain filled his nostrils to overflowing. His cock thickened in his tight leather pants.
But the scent of fear overshadowed his pleasure and brought Chellak back to reality. The small man kneeling before him, head bowed, was terrified. His submissive behavior provoked Chellak's possessive instincts, while his vulnerability called forth his protectiveness.
He had an overwhelming need to take the fear from the small man, protect him from the world, and to possess him for himself. Chellak had never felt anything like it, ever. It was all he could do to not pull the delicate man into his arms and spirit him away.
The little man still would not raise his head to look at him. Chellak looked over at Sorian, confused by the man's presence. She had said that this beautiful man was the brüter. But how could that be?
"Sorina? I don't understand. He is the brüter? I thought it was a jewel or something. Not a man."
"In his own way, he is the most precious of jewels. And now you are his master. He belongs to you," she smiled indulgently as if she knew something he did not.
"Belongs to me? Sorina, I can't be his master," he said disgusted at the thought of owning another person, but unable to deny that joy filled him at the thought of having this beautiful creature to himself. "I'm trying to outlaw slavery, not encourage it. How can I possibly do this to him? Wouldn't it be easier if I just set him free?"
"You can't. He can never be set free. It is a condition set down by his original owner. He has to have a master. If you don't take him, Vedek can reclaim him. Why do you think he gave in so easily? He knows you agreed with the Federation to outlaw slavery. He's counting on that."
"What in the hell am I supposed to do with him?"


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