Sunday, July 19, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #46

Last week ~

To my surprise, he rolls over displaying the creamy fur of his belly and seems to smile. His fangs cause my heart to trip in fear, just for a few instants. “Saber-toothed tiger?” I ask.
“A genetic cousin. He’s friendly. Would you like to pat his head?”
Whom am I to deny this opportunity? “Absolutely!”


The Heavenly One propels our magic carpet cloud toward the feline beast. Rising up, he magnificently sits, his faceted gaze intent on our arrival.
“What is his species called?” I ask.
“Why not merely call him by his name, Merziza?”
We float closer and closer. “Merziza,” I croon, trembling inside some, but my eagerness far outweighs any fear. “What a handsome name for a handsome,” I pause, “very big cat.”
His amber eyes seem to hold tiny suns in each facet as he assesses me. Actually, he devours by entire body with his gaze. Yet, soon enough, his eyes squinch as he offers a giant-fanged grin. Reaching out, feeling enchanted, I alight my hand on top of his taffy-furred head.
“Oh, you feel good.” I stroke the utter rich silkiness of his fur, definitely in heaven. Continuing to pet him, I wonder how much is too much? Especially as he begins a low huffing rumble. “Are you purring?” I ask and hope.
With a slight turn of his massive head, he leans close.
“He wants a hug,” the Cherub explains.
Gleefully, I wrap my arms, as far as they go, around his thickly furred neck and squeeze. Doubting I’ll in any way hurt him, I hug him hard. He rumbles a different sound. I think it sounds like happiness.
“He was once a pet,” the Heavenly One offers. “Here, he is expected to live as a wild beast.”
“Too bad I can’t take you home.” I hug him again, not able to get enough of how wonderful he feels.
“Time to go,” the Cherub announces.
Reluctantly I release Merziza just as a diamond-glinting haze drifts around the great cat. When I look back, I see it emanating from the Heavenly One’s fingertips. “Side trip,” he says.
“Where?” I wave goodbye to Merziza.
“There’s a
2012 Crop Circle I want you to see.”


For the following week be not deceived. Like a planet-wide game with The Trickster in charge, deception rules on the world stage and off the world stage. If there are decisions you can put off, do it. If there are decisions which must be made follow your gut instinct or your gut hunch, and ask the Divine for assistance.
Be especially wary of those you do not know personally, yet seem almost too friendly. Also, be careful of those extra good deals, which may not turn out so incredibly wonderful.
This is a week to enjoy the home front, if you can. It is also a week to send your blessings to any and all in need. For, with the solar eclipse on the 22nd of July, there may be some natural catastrophes and/or other huge sad events.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
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