Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #45

Last week ~

“Where are we? North Pole or South Pole?”
We continue soaring toward the first giant peak and the immense striations of light and glistening blue shadows mesmerize me.
“Not the South Pole.” His voice teases. “The discs who pretend to be UFOs would buzz us.”
“Then there is, are bases there.”
“Many. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial and inner-terrestrial.”
“Do they all get along?” My imagination has gone wild with possible scenarios.
“No. The wars are constant, but rarely devastating.”
“Hey! I see a blue lake!”


Suddenly we glide at super-speed above the spectacular ice-built towers, that look like monuments to time on Earth.
“Watch out!” I yell instinctively. It appears as if we are about to collide with a glacier. Instead, a warm mist envelops us and we are cruising over the blue lake.
“Where the heck are we?” I call out, my gaze trained on the endless gorgeous blue of the water.
“Entering the land of Santa Claus,” the Heavenly One hollers, his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.
For a moment my mouth hangs open. “Is that a mastodon?”
“There are great herds of them here.” The Cherub lessens our rate of speed while pointing beyond the mastodon.
An enormous taffy-colored cat perches on the large ledge near the top of a tall semi-circular cliff. I stare while we sail ever closer. Twitching his tail in a lazy rhythm, the monstrously muscled cat watches us, his great amber eyes faceted in an amazing way I’ve never seen before.
To my surprise, he rolls over displaying the creamy fur of his belly and seems to smile. His fangs cause my heart to trip in fear, just for a few instants. “Saber-toothed tiger?” I ask.
“A genetic cousin. He’s friendly. Would you like to pat his head?”
Whom am I to deny this opportunity? “Absolutely!”


The following week should be labeled TURMOIL. Whatever turmoil that can come about is very likely to occur on the world stage, especially. It’s best to merely take note of what occurs, using that to plan your future and to understand the dynamics that surround us all now.
On a personal level turmoil can work to your advantage. Stirred up waters often bring the truth forth in way that everyone can see it. This also allows you to plan a future based on reality rather than what is often presented as reality. Truth will serve you in far better ways than what has passed for truth.
Remember, even though they are hidden, blessings always surround you. Look for those divine gifts and take full advantage.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

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