Sunday, July 26, 2009

Faith of the Heart ~ 5 "Lips" Review!

Tina at Two Lips posted a wonderful "5 Lip" review of my latest release, Faith of the Heart. I'm pleased to share that review with Siren-BookStrand readers. My thanks to Tina for her beautiful write-up!

Here's what she had to say about Faith of the Heart, Damaged heroes Book 4:


Joshua Miller has come to the circle M to clear his head. It's been a year since his wife died, and he and his thirteen year old daughter are still adrift, unable to get past that trauma. When Ross calls him one day to tell him his sister Cheryl has been taken advantage by a faith healer Josh is intrigued. This is always the kind of story that got the reporter in him all riled up. This might be the reason to get back into reporting to catch a scam artist.

When Josh meets Sarah Reid she is not what he was expecting. She doesn’t want to talk to him at all. She looks frail and about to drop. He feels an instant connection to this woman. And the more he gets to know her the more he thinks she might not be a fraud after all. But are the feelings he is having betraying his dead wife? How can he love again when his wife is gone? Sarah, as it turns out, needs Josh a lot. Her family is taking advantage of her gift. Can Josh save her from herself before it is too late?

Sandy James brings a touching tale in Faith of the Heart. This is the fourth installment to the Damaged Heroes Series and this one really is sweet. Sarah feels her gift makes up for a death that happened a long time ago. She saves each person without personal gain in hopes she can make up for what she thinks of the life she took. Giving life takes a lot out of her. And it is slowly killing her to do it.

Joshua is a reporter and jaded. He watched his wife die of cancer slowly and painfully. He and his daughter are all he feels he has left. He's given up on love and living life. Sarah brings him back to the living again. Now can he save her from herself? Faith of the Heart is a sweet touching read that I want to experience again and again. I hope Sandy James continues her Damaged Heroes Series I for one would love to read more in the future.

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