Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 Cup Review for Full Moon Mating

Full Moon Mating: Wolf Creek Pack 1 has recieved a 5 Cup review from Coffee Time Romance and More.

Nate is a sempath, a sensitive emotion empath and has been on the run for two years trying to stay ahead of the man who raised him and wants to use his powers for less than ethical reasons.

Joe Nash is the sheriff of Wolf Creek and a werewolf. He has been hoping to find his mate for years.

When Joe comes upon Nate next to a fallen storeowner, he does not know if Nate is the man who shot him, or if he is just trying to help. Since Nate will not talk, he has no choice but to arrest him and take him in for further questioning. However, Nate will do anything to keep out of the hands of the authorities and when he makes a run for it, Nate and his deputies tackle him not realizing that when they touch him it causes him pain. Nate goes into a seizure and Joe ends up taking him to the hospital. He already feels incredibly drawn to the young man and is fairly certain he is his mate. Eventually, Nate feels comfortable enough to talk to Joe, and fortunately for him Joe’s touch does not hurt him as the touch of others does. They begin to care for each other and Nate starts to consider putting down roots. However, just as they are cementing their relationship, a member of Joe’s pack does something and it puts both Joe and Nate at odds with Joe’s pack. Will they be able to overcome this setback and stay together? What will they do when Nate’s nemesis finally tracks him down?

Ms. Glenn has written another winner as far as I am concerned! Just when I think I’ve gotten used to her writing style and can figure out what is happening, she throws me for a loop. She certainly did that with Full Moon Mating, a story that took a decidedly different turn. One of the things I really love about Ms. Glenn’s books is that while she may be writing about werewolves, she is always changing the parameters of her world building. As a reader this keeps me interested and wanting to know more. I have yet to read one of her books where this has not been the case. As with all the other books I have read by this author, the lovemaking is hotter than hot, and full of emotion. The world building is par excellence, and the men to die for. This is the lovely beginning to a new series, and I for one cannot wait for the next book to come out!

Regina, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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