Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #47

Zerr Dann Volcano ~ Before His Mission on Earth

“Want to earn your big angel wings?” Raich Naell thundered a jovial laugh. Spinning himself into a magnificent whirlwind for his own pleasure, he halted on the point of a star beam, his fearsome gaze directed at his only nephew.
“Bigger and blacker than they already are?” Zerr Dann drily grinned, rising from the tall, stainless steel stool. Around him, the few late night customers inside the Route 66 diner were suspended in mid-action.
“Earn those black-as-sin wings of yours, several sizes bigger, and you’ll be considered for an Earth mission of supreme importance.” Floating near the ceiling, Raich Naell spread his silver-gilded wings majestically, framing his handsome physique.
“Mission 2012 Ominous?” Zerr Dann arched his brows. He unfurled his ebony wings in preparation for traveling through the dimensional layers. The opportunity his uncle offered would be instantaneous.
Raich Naell glowered, a mere speck of time on Earth in this year labeled 2009. “Your father speaks too freely.”
“Earth is a favored planet culture of his. A bastion of freedom compared to many.” Zerr Dann never backed down before those more elevated in the Angelic Realm. It wasn’t his nature. In that way he was a fierce chip off the ole block.
Winging higher, he regarded the thunderous, yet sublime features of his uncle. He served Archangel Michael as one of The Carnal High. A watcher over many material worlds, his faithfulness was cherished and relied upon. Although, he rarely got a wing tip dirty by interacting with the sentient humanoids, always summoning Carnal Cherubs like Zerr Dann.
“Freedom,” Raich Naell boomed. The sound circled Earth several times. “Free those of the Light Souls from their prison. Defeat the Triad Demons before the planet, Taijos, enters the next galactic time phase and I will place your name before the Divine Council.”
“Done. As seen by All Eyes.”
Zerr Dann agreed before he considered his destiny. For one reason, he knew dark days descended on Earth like the locust plagues of old.

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For this upcoming week look for those ways to be heroic, especially with those you may see everyday or on a regular basis. This may be as simple as spending some quality time together and talking. Or offering them a meal.
Uplifting someone is the theme for this week and/or letting them uplift you. We all need to be there for each other this week and in the following several weeks. This will become obvious as certain ‘truths’ are revealed. This is a time of truth-telling in a large way for our world as a whole. However, you will need to look beneath the layers of SPIN to discover what the truth is and be willing to know the truth at your deepest level, or the various layers will keep you captive.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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