Saturday, August 1, 2009

5 Hearts from The Romance Studio for Free Falling!

Free Falling became the first of my Damaged Heroes to be reviewed by The Romance Studio. I'm thrilled to say it received 5 Hearts. My thanks to Brenda Talley!

Here's what she had to say:


Dr. Laurie Miller was a psychologist in a free clinic. Her partner, Andrew, was a great friend. He had been the love interest of her roommate, emergency room doctor Deepika Sen for five years. They were so overworked that Laurie decided to escape for a period of recuperation to the family farm. The snowstorm was so intense that the power was out, the land-line phone was out, and there were no cell phone towers in the area. She was isolated which suited her perfectly.
Also overworked was attorney Ross Kennedy. Since losing his love, Katie, to the rich guy, Seth Remington, in the first book of this series, Ross worked excessive hours and usually seven days a week. He was pressured to go to the Miller home in River Bend, Montana to get Laurence Miller to sign the paperwork and take over running The Miller Foundation. No one bothered to tell him that Laurence was a woman’s name in French. This task was assigned to him by his boss who forced him to leave the office for a break.

This book was an amazing sequel to Murphy’s Law. This second book in the Damaged Heroes series was fast-paced and almost impossible to put down. The action was varied and followed a different format than other Sandy James’ books. I enjoyed following the main characters as they became involved with each other. Their relationship met with a myriad of problems. The book absolutely grabbed me from the first and intrigued me throughout the entire manuscript.
The supporting characters were diverse and so essential to the story. The non-stop action fascinated me. I’m not a big fan of mysteries, but the conflict was so intertwined it was thrilling to read. The romance was subtle at times, but beautifully written. The parts of the storyline which linked the varied parts of the book were amazing. There was never a dull moment—some tense ones, but never boring.

The ending was such a surprise. This is definitely another winner. I highly recommend this book for a place on your keeper list.

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