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New Reviews for Bella's Wolves by Stacey Espino

Wendy's Review

Stacey brought another great read. She has you sitting reading every word and anticipating the next.

Bella grew up knowing that she wasn't complete. She bragged about her camping experience and how she could survive on her own. Well bragging brought her to the situation she finds herself in.

Bella's friend Amanda told her to dress for the evening, what she didn't tell her was that she was going on a camping trip with her boyfriend, who Bella couldn't stand, and another couple. Just what Bella wanted—to be 5th wheel. Being stranded and going alone in the woods trying to find wood and berries, Bella comes across two men who she finds attractive and just what she wanted. Ben and Draco find the woman who is their mate even if she is just human; but which one will be claiming her first? Their animal instinct wants to protect and claim their mate.

What they don't realize is there is more to Bella than meets the eye.

Stacey has you on edge, not knowing exactly what is going to happen next. The adventure adds to Bella and her men, Ben and Draco's, lives and what they mean to each other.

This book is well written, and even though it is a sequel, you really can read it alone and enjoy it immensely!

5 Tea Cups!

Rating: 4 Cups

Bella has been on her own for years, because she could not stand how overprotective and controlling her parents were. She has had to work jobs that do not pay much more than minimum wage and lives with a roommate, but at least she is the captain of her own ship.

Ben and Draco are werewolves. Ben knows the city and how to survive there, even if he chooses to live in the woods with his pack. Draco knows little of the city, and does not care to learn about the city or anything connected to it or humans.

When Bella’s best friend, Amanda, tells her to dress “hot,” Bella thinks she means “sexy.” Unfortunately, what Amanda should have said was “dress warm.” When Amanda arrives in a large vehicle with her boyfriend, Keith, and their friend, Sara, and her boyfriend and announces they are all going on a camping trip for the weekend, Bella is less than enthused. As much as she loved the woods when she was a child, now she fears them, and being stuck as the fifth wheel to the two couples is not her idea of a good time. Things go from bad to worse when she realizes that none of the people with her have any skills for surviving in the wilderness. The fact becomes even more apparent when she realizes they have no food, and did not bring a lighter or matches to start a fire. Scared, cold, and hungry Bella goes into the wood looking for kindling, which she finds, but she is also, unbeknowest to her, found by the werewolf Ben, who knows by her scent that she is his mate. He approaches their campground and Bella and uses the opportunity to introduce himself. Unfortunately, his plans go awary when a fellow packmate, Draco, also recognizes her as his mate. Which werewolf will claim the lovely Bella? Only time and her secrets will tell.

I truly enjoyed Bella’s Wolves, and the punchline to the whole story is absolutely fantastic and made this story well worth reading! The sex is absolutely phenomenal and uber hot. I liked the dichotomy between Ben and Draco. Their personalities are completely different, but I really enjoyed how in the end, protecting Bella was what was truly important to them both, enough so that at least a few of their differences were set aside. Bella has an interesting personality as well. I really liked her independence and willingness to break away from her parents and their money to make it on her own. Overall, this was a great story that I am more than happy to recommend to others!


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