Monday, June 20, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #146

“That is our gateway home,” he intones behind me. “However, now is not the time. There remains too much to accomplish here. In this time.”

“Yeah,” I murmur seconds later. “Super crises after super crises. The rise of freedom. The awakening. And, a new awareness. It’s all coalescing for 2012.”

“Yes. And World War has begun on Earth.”

After seconds, I nod. It’s no surprise. Yet, the reality is unbelievably difficult to face. “It just doesn’t look like what we’ve been taught world wars look like.” I shake my head sadly. “Weather wars, bio wars that can be blamed on natural pathogens... I wonder why humanity has such a hidden death wish?”

“Some of the human ‘death wish’ was encoded in certain gene programming. A way to keep humans enslaved. Part of that encoding was nefarious. Yet it was also done to control the earliest specimens because of their violent natures. Necessary to survival in the wild.”

“Light and dark,” I murmur as the realization takes place. “The dark side wants Earth, and those of us on Earth to serve its agenda. But Earth is ringing with freedom and singing with light.”

Amen-Dhuroth takes my hand, bringing me before him. Our gazes meet as if that’s the only thing to do during this moment, these splendid moments.

“I cannot let you go, my Sh’raka. I will not let you go.”

His words echo through me powerfully. I don’t know what to think. Does he mean he defies destiny? Or... Oh, I feel lighter than air, yet so bewildered.

“I don’t think I... I understand, given...” But I can’t say anymore. For, words desert me.

“You must make a choice, my beauty.” His tone is strained. “Yet, how can I let you choose when it could mean losing you again?”

My eyelids fall shut as I spin slowly inside. Somehow my hands slide up his arms, and I cling to him. “When must I make this choice?”

“Soon.” He speaks after my heart has thumped several beats. “For now, I wish to show you more of Mars.”



For the following week a three-ring circus of events will take place around the world. Few of them good. The Summer Solstice energies will bring about a sharp rise in all the dynamics playing out on Earth. Good will become larger, but so will evil. This will force an even greater division among people, in how they view the world, and what they perceive as truth.

Hang onto your soul. Hang onto your moral compass. And, trust in your Inner Wisdom. As the world spins ever faster, and life becomes more complex, and more dangerous this will become your saving grace.

Betrayal will be one strong theme for this week, and beyond. The spotlight of justice will shine strongly on the Betrayers. Even so, many will not see. Many will refuse to see. For those who do, they will take actions that will shake, then rock the entire globe.

As the old age gives way to the Aquarian age, and the AWAKENING flashes to even greater heights, THOSE who would control humanity will use the failing economy as a battering ram to bring about their rule. It is wise, at this point, to consider every option that will bring about any measure of self-sufficiency.

On a personal level, this is an excellent week to sit back and observe how your life is progressing. Decisions you make after this will be more effective, and long lasting. Also, look for viable ways to store food and all those items you need in an emergency. There will be no lessening in the fierce weather outbreaks, and other emergency situations.

Along with the Summer Solstice, this week is the beginning of a new cycle. It could be called the Cycle of Becoming. That is, you and every living thing on Earth is entering a period of acceleration, of expanding toward your true potential at an unprecedented rate.

Trendwise, every known and newly discovered aspect of angels and demons will become the focus of many. This will be due, in part, because so many of us will be able to see angels, whether as light, as light beings, and also in their human forms. Because the angels are walking among us now.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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