Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4.5 Stars for Bounty: Wicked Missions 3!!

I'm thrilled to announce that Alberta at Manic Readers gave Bounty: Wicked Missions 3 a beautiful 4.5 star rating!!

Here's what she had to say:

MR Review
Reviewer: Alberta

Hannah Bates has made some enemies in her career as a bounty hunter sometime in the future. The Dracorians will do anything to gain revenge on her for what she did to them. They have now kidnapped Leah, the daughter of Wulf and Eric, two male mates who are also bounty hunters. The price the Dracorians are asking to get Leah back is for Wulf and Eric to deliver Hannah in exchange.

They manage to outwit Hannah and take her prisoner, but neither is prepared to fall in love with her, and neither could imagine asking her to become their mate. She’s not averse to the idea of having two male mates, and apparently in Raines’ future society, different species and sexes and sexual persuasions can all mate with no problem or jealousy.

The two men don’t want to lose Hannah, nor do they want to risk Leah, so they bank together with Hannah’s adopted son, who looks, but certainly doesn’t act like a teddy bear, and Hannah’s friend who has blue skin and blonde hair. All are fierce warriors, but can they outwit the sneaky Dracorians?

Loved Bounty, wanted more, loved the characters, wanted more and loved the sex, wanted more.

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