Monday, June 13, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #145

His hand enfolds mine, his touch becoming wonderfully familiar. “Let me show you an unguent you made, one I have saved for this time.”

Okay, my heart skips several beats. Still, I’m able to utter, “Is this a way of awakening my memories of that lifetime?”

“That, and much more. Much more, my Sh’raka.”

Trembling like a wind-blasted leaf inside, and giddy as an excited child, I follow his lead. We pause before a pink-tinted, palm-sized jar that sits atop a lovely pedestal.

After releasing my hand, he lifts the jar. With a deft touch, he unseals it, and presents it before me.

“Smell,” he encourages.

The rose fragrance nearly assaults my nostrils, yet in a beautiful way. The perfume of the unguent is so unbearably exquisite, I simply inhale for several moments. I feel as if I’ve entered a dream state, one where only happiness is possible.

“I made that?” I speak once the dreaminess subsides a bit.

“Yes.” He pauses, and I feel the weight of his thoughts. “You made this skin embellishment for the time we were reunited.”

Everything explodes inside me, yet softly. Yet, immense. Whatever is going on inside me is so immense I can’t process it. Still, I manage to say, “I’ve never smelled that particular rose scent. It’s divinely luscious.”

“The rose is from our garden. Here, let me show you.”

I quiver as he places his huge palms on my temples, embracing my head. The images begin immediately. It’s surprising to me that I can even focus on them. His nearness has me, to the say least, hot and bothered.

Before my mind’s eyes, I see a gleaming terrace in a pyramid shape, except the apex is flat. There is a large garden area, and palm type trees gently sway. There is also an abundance of shades-of-green vegetation I don’t recognize. And flowers. Blooms are everywhere. Most of them look tropical and remind me of Hawaii.

However, interspersed in the garden are large patches of roses. I see both bushes and climbing vines with pink and red roses. Some of the blooms are small, yet lush with petals. The other roses are much larger, their color incomparable. Insects buzz about, and I recognize bees and dragonflies.

“Where?” I whisper. “Where is that?” Yes, it all looks familiar. Yet not. My psyche feels split.

Gripping my shoulder gently, he turns me. I see a rectangular doorway. Through it is the garden. For moments, I can’t think.

“That is our gateway home,” he intones behind me. “However, now is not the time. There remains too much to accomplish here. In this time.”

“Yeah,” I murmur seconds later. “Super crises after super crises. The rise of freedom. The awakening. And, a new awareness. It’s all coalescing for 2012.”



For the following week, and several weeks, turmoil will crash and splash around most of us. At the same time, awareness blossoms like a new rose greeting the bright morning sun.

Right now, the mind, heart, soul, and spirit of humanity is being expanded by several cosmic forces at a rapid rate. This is one reason many of us are feeling off kilter. There is a different rhythm to life, as well, one that is emerging gradually, yet forcefully.

This week The Great Deception begins. Every bold ruse will be used to convince the people that their welfare depends on THOSE who are parasitical by nature, yet masquerade as in-the-know leaders.

Beware. These dark-siders will stop at nothing to bring about their diabolical plans for the planet.

Look for it. More truth will be laid bare this week. It will be exposure after exposure. There will be such an amazing array of truths, that these ‘revelations’ will boggle the mind of many. This dizzying speed is crucial to the AWAKENING of humanity, however.

Also of importance this week, is your personal growth. For several decades now, the divine energies have encouraged the maxim, know thyself. The tide turns at this point in history. Personal growth will be about utilizing your knowledge of yourself in such a way that it benefits the ascension of humankind.

This is because the fourth dimension is here, and the bells of freedom are ringing loudly.

In opposition to this fourth-dimensional ascension of humanity, there is likely to be a continuing use of massive violence by THOSE who want to stay in control. Remain awake and aware. Protect yourselves, and watch out for your loved ones.

Trendwise, there are two major waves about to strike. Clothing fashions are about to change dramatically for certain societal groups. This will have to do with the changes in their life circumstances, with the ongoing severe weather, and also a preference for living practically and responsibly.

Fashion trends will be reaching into the far future, and the designs will begin to reflect this. As well, the ‘creator’ is here. These individuals will be about expressing themselves as art, and will not bend to any set of norms.

The other major wave is ‘reading’. Even with the easy tech-access to image-focused media, reading news stories will make a strong comeback. In general, reading and research will be in vogue. This knowledge will assist in kick-starting a new renaissance.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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