Monday, June 27, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #147

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“You must make a choice, my beauty.” His tone is strained. “Yet, how can I let you choose when it could mean losing you again?”

My eyelids fall shut as I spin slowly inside. Somehow my hands slide up his arms, and I cling to him. “When must I make this choice?”

“Soon.” He speaks after my heart has thumped several beats. “For now, I wish to show you more of Mars.”

“More of Mars,” I repeat as my eyes open. My thoughts are lost in a haze of passion and confusion for several moments. “Yes, I want to see more of Mars... experience everything I can. What is it you want to show me?” I ask simply to keep the moment alive for as long as possible. And, because he feels all too good.

“Sh’raka.” He intones my ancient name. I can’t help but hear the thunderous rivers of passion inside him.

Then, we’re walking somewhere, my hand clasped within his. Silently, we move down a long zigzag of corridors until a blaze of light envelops us, and an immense tropical garden is before us... only much of the flora is different than on Earth.

We walk, hand in hand, along a gleaming alabaster path, and I hear various chatterings, but see no animals or birds.

“This is a place of serenity,” Amen-Dhuroth says in that lion rumble of his. “Of connecting with the natural forces of our Mother/Father Mars. Once you are attuned to our rhythms you will more easily understand our cultures here.”

“How similar to the ancient times on Earth?” I halt in my tracks as monkey-lemur creatures hang by their arms and tails, their gazes focused on me. A tribe of them leaps from branch to branch overhead. An amazing sight, of course.

“Quite similar in spirituality and our technologies, yet vastly different in what we have accomplished, and in how we live our lives. We are freer here. Before you ask, my woman, it is due to what you would call a level playing field. Or equal opportunities for one and all.”

“Certainly something sorely lacking back on dear Earth.” I stop, suddenly assailed by horrific visions again. Not much is going well back home.

“What do you see?” he asks.

“It’s as if every force on Earth is colliding with every other force. Evil stains everything.” As I speak, tears stain my cheeks. “When will this nightmare end?”



This week will be one that lives in the history books as a marker for the year 2012. Both for GOOD and for BAD.

From this point forward a return to the divine feminine and, thus, the divine masculine will become apparent to those who are attuned to the universal energies. This is the time to look at your relationship with gender, and to discover more of who you are.

Notice also, that ‘truth’ will continue rising like the phoenix -- all spectacular color and fiery brilliance. Like ash from colossal volcanic eruptions, truth now spreads across the globe and settles on everyone.

Behind the scenes, hidden to most of us, and kept hidden by the art and blackness of deception, a civil war rages. This is between those who have mastered the higher technologies and now battle each other for ultimate control. It is X-Files for real.

This hidden war will be exposed incrementally, and the plan is to keep it covered up by a world war. However, divine intervention to stop this level of war is being bolstered by the wildfire Awakening of humanity.

On the good side, those who would be the dark tyrannical kings of Earth are being thwarted at nearly every turn. In an attempt to win the endgame, these soulless ones are becoming out-in-the-open bold with their corruption and evil acts.

On a personal level, this week is perfect to look for and find what truly frees your soul. This week is also about freeing your mind to think beyond what you have been taught, beyond what you currently believe. It’s a new world for those who seize it. For those who want it. For those who will treasure what this ‘new way of life’ offers.

Trendwise, all hell breaks loose. More and more, there will be massive resistance to the trends the establishment has coopted, and those trends they attempt to force on us. The Big Boys in this industry are losing ground, and now their power will be ripped from beneath them like a tablecloth from beneath the dinner dishes. This means that individual creativity will shine bright as the noon sun. To win in the days ahead, take your place in the sun.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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