Monday, June 6, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #144

“Tesla,” I say as his name pops into my mind.

“Yes, his knowledge and achievements are on Earth’s moon.”

I gasp.

“There is a breakaway civilization... as I’ve heard,” I say after several moments of letting his words sink in.

“Yes, many, my Sh’raka. One that is European. One that comprises the oriental races. The third is an African consortium. And, the fourth is the largest, with the most tentacles. It is comprised of the international corporations.”

“Well, no surprise there.” A change in temperature stops my thoughts. Instinctively, I turn looking for the draft of air now kissing my skin. “A presence,” I murmur.

“Yes, one of the guardians who watches over the temple. She is greeting you.”

“Greetings in return,” I say, and shiver in a good way. “Are there temple guardians on Earth?”

“No longer, as they are here. There are guardians. Those who live for thousands of years. Yes, my love, such beings reside on Earth. Yet, you are aware of them as a memory from another time.”

Love, he’d said ‘my love.’ I sizzle with a feeling close to walking on air. Not good. Obviously, there is something major between us. How can I ignore everything that has already occurred? Even as all of this overwhelms me, I am also processing his words, ‘memory from another time’.

His hand enfolds mine, his touch becoming wonderfully familiar. “Let me show you an unguent you made, one I have saved for this time.”

Okay, my heart skips several beats. Still, I’m able to utter, “Is this a way of awakening my memories of that lifetime?”

“That, and much more. Much more, my Sh’raka.”



This week is the beginning of many changes. These changes will come rapid fire in both your personal life and on the world stage. Some of these will be land changes in concert with volcanic eruptions.

Confusion will reign at this time. Simultaneously, beyond this fog, a new clarity will arise for each of us. Insights, and greater knowledge is being downloaded from on high. As long as you remain open to this possibility, you will receive as needed.

With chaos on the rampage, these times are a huge challenge to most of us. The solutions needed will be a blend of the wisdom that has gone before and the wisdom that has never been. Innovation, trial and error, these are the keys.

However, the best key is LOVE. Always love. During these times, your heart will learn new ways to know love, and to love others. In time, you will simply know love when it’s offered to you, as opposed to the false words of love that compel.

There will be THOSE who will use every manner of deception to make you believe you should love them as your master, not as your equal. As well, THEY will want to enslave your ability to love.

This is one of the greatest dangers facing humanity as a whole. To whom do you offer your love? Your whole heart? It becomes crucial to offer your heart ONLY to someone who is worthy.

Spiritual love is just that, a universal way of loving ALL, and it remains in the realm of the ONE. However, in practical everyday terms, in these times of survival, offering your heart becomes a responsibility. For, the power of love must ‘not’ fall into the hands of THOSE who would use it for evil purposes.

There are great dangers this week. The economic collapse will continue despite any grand leadership words to the contrary. Events will escalate beyond the horrors now happening around the globe. This is because forces on the dark side are positioning themselves to rule as they have always desired. And, their tactics are unbelievably brutal.

Trendwise, this is a fabulous time to look for new ventures that will improve your economic circumstances. Be open to the guidance of your higher self, and look with new eyes. Hear with new ears. Think with new inspired thoughts. Each and everyday there are pathways being created just for you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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