Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Words for May 18, 2011

For those of you who have been faithful readers of mine since the beginning, you know that every once in a while I write an essay that gets me in a lot of hot water.

Today’s edition of Wednesday’s Words may be just such an occasion. I suppose I ought to preface this entire thing by saying, therefore, that the following is my own opinion which I am simply sharing with you for the purposes of discussion.

Apparently, there are a lot of people who believe that the day of Rapture has been revealed, and that day is May 21, 2011. If those who profess it are right, the world is going to face Judgement in just 3 days. Are you worried about this, or frightened by it?

I am not one to mock the faith of others. I truly believe that people ought to follow their hearts; God did, after all, give us free will. That means we are free to believe what we wish to believe, and do what we wish to do.

I don’t make it a habit to proselytize. Those of you who do read my essays on a regular basis doubtless know I am a Christian. I tend to live my faith quietly, saying my prayers in a closet, if you will, mainly because I read that in a Book.

This wonderful medium we use to communicate and learn and share can be used for great good, but it can also be used by anyone wishing to say anything at all. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. People ought to be able to express any opinion they choose to express, as long as they’re not breaking any laws. I have a personal line in the sand that tells me I will not slander anyone, nor threaten them, and that is a standard I believe is prudent.

Most of you who are reading this today are citizens of the United States of America, and you have your wonderful Constitutional right to free speech. I’m Canadian, and we don’t have exactly the same rights under law—but I still believe all should feel free to say what they will.

In the course of my life, I’ve witnessed—thanks to the ever growing, all-encompassing forms of mass communications—many who believe themselves to be modern-day prophets. Again, I’m not one to mock anyone’s faith. I try very hard not to judge others (I read that in a Book, too), for I firmly believe that in the end, it’s all between the individual and God.

One of things I’ve prayed for most often in my life is the blessing of discernment.

Yes, I feel something in my heart, but how do I know it is real? I hear someone who has an opinion with regard to the Lord, or matters of faith, and the speaker is charismatic, and what he’s saying sounds good, but again, how do I know it is real?

The gift of discernment would seem to be one not given in abundance, but then I would submit the reason for that is it isn’t asked for in abundance. I believe if you ask for something faithfully you get it (yep, read that, too, in the same Book).

Life is hard enough and scary enough without those who have chosen to be our leaders, those who should be of sober mind and faithful conscience instilling more fear in the hearts of the people who look to them for guidance.

The answer I received when I prayed for discernment with regard to matters spiritual was so simple, I should have realized it on my own. I just ask myself, “is it Scriptural”?

You see, I believe the Lord doesn’t make things complicated for us. He knows our limitations. We don’t have to jump through hoops and send x number of e-mails to prove ourselves to Him. We don’t have to engage in complicated calculations, translating from ancient texts to try and extrapolate dates and times, and seasons, to find the truth, or to be faithful.

All we have to do is answer that one question: is it Scriptural? And with regard to the belief that the world will end on May 21st, according to Matthew 25:13, the answer is no.


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