Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Dragon Review for SAVING GRACE by Stacey Espino

Grace's husband, Ken, has sent her to Wayne Wagner's cattle ranch for a month. He's making her accept a wife swap, and she's never felt so low in all her life. But Grace soon discovers a very different life to the one she's been living in the city. Here she is encouraged to live freely and enjoy all the 'amenities' of the ranch, including the young ranch hands. There isn't another woman who enjoys men around this ranch, so when Grace arrives the ranch hands can't wait to take her riding and show her the 'sights'.

Grace is never going to want for male attention as she ends up in a menage a cinq. The ranch hands are gorgeous, muscular men who know how to enjoy a woman and give her everything to enjoy in return.

As Grace comes to terms with her situation she realizes that she is not there for Wayne's own sexual pleasures. He wants to show her what freedom is all about, and as Grace becomes less inhibited she learns to take on her own life and demand what she needs. She wants to leave her cheating husband, but will Ken let her go? She is the one with the money. As things get more intimate on the ranch, Ken is ready to bring Grace home. Grace is just a pawn for her husband, trapped with him until the men from Wagner's ranch come charging in to bring her back. She belongs with them and with Scot Wagner, who has found in Grace the woman of his dreams.

This wife swap story starts out rather harsh, but the turns it takes made me smile and think of Grace as a lucky woman. Despite Wayne's situation, I could easily have fallen for the man. Saving Grace is perfectly titled. It seemed that Grace was being treated badly at the start, but as she learns to open up and become free of her trappings she finds that life has a whole new meaning. When she lets go of her ties she learns to enjoy what and who is surrounding her.

The love that comes through in this story made my heart soar. The way Grace discovers her own sexuality among the many sexy, hard working men who covet her is just what dreams of life on a ranch are all about. I found the sex steamy and creative, enough to make me want to explore my own sexuality with my man. When you read this story you might want to make sure your man is handy as it truly stokes the fires of desire.

Judy King

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