Monday, May 2, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #139

I should have known his answer, part of it anyway. Still, I’m stunned, feeling all dizzy-whirly, and the only thing I can utter is, “Do you have any etchings?”

“Only yours.”

Okay, now I am in strango bizzaro land... sort of...

I gulp, and take a quick breath to steady myself. “My drawings?”

Already, he his leading me toward the far end of the splendid-amazing room. Hanging on a wall the color of pale sand, I see vibrant drawings that feature the pyramids, but in an almost tropical setting. Lush blooms and greenery, beautiful waterways... people walking... various sizes, from short to what look like giants. Enthralled, I lean forward, looking closer since the figures are small compared to the pyramids...

“Dog-headed people?” I keep staring while blinking with astonishment. No, much more than sheer astonishment. “Lion-headed people... omygawd, are those Toucan-headed people?”

“Yes, bird-headed people. The genetic applications were fascinating to behold during that time.”

“I guess so.” Still blinking in an exaggerated way, I bend even closer. “What an incredible array of animals. Some of them look like pets. Others...”

“They were all pets or servants.”

A tide of memories wash over me. Yet, they aren’t distinct... the mishmash cloud of remembrance is more like a series of impressions. “They’re all still here, aren’t they? I mean, other than in time... time being forever... you know what I mean.”

I whip around to Amen-Dhuroth, and feel relief that he looks the same, instead of... with a different head.

“Yes, most of those races and genetic variations are here. Although, most of them live on the far side of the moon, and on giant spacecraft.”

This odd reality I find myself in, smacks into me like a wall o’ water, and I reel back a bit. “Not on Mars?” I almost squeak.

“They prefer being close to Earth. My pardon, Sh’raka, I am showing you too much too soon.”

His gaze envelops me with a kindness I am not used to, and with a passion... well, I’m not used to that, either. Not at all.

“This was just supposed to be a ride in a flying car,” I say.



On a personal level, this week is the time to spin new energies into existence. Use the current alignment of the heavenly bodies to bring vibrations of joy into your life, and into your relationships. This can be accomplished through dance, or any physical activity that you enjoy. The magic is to let your heart express itself, and move.

For the following week the world, at large, will appear on the brink. However, on the brink of what? There is a colossal clash between many dynamics. This horrific push-pull will make it look like we’re on the rocking deck of the Titanic, at times.

This week is also about ‘backlash’. The modern day myths that have been perpetuated, and carefully spun, are about to be exposed in major ways. However, as always, there will be those with the eyes to see, and those with eyes that will never see.

This will cause a greater division among the people, and the consequences of this escalating division will begin to show up as louder, more insistent voices. Also, the demand for real freedom will sweep across the globe, louder than ever.

In truth, humanity as a whole is teetering on the brink between bringing forth universal love, or descending into a state of fear that furthers chaos and war. Because of this there are angelic energies raining down like spring showers, right now. Drink them in.

Toward the end of this week, there is likely to be an out of this world surprise. However, given the Circus Circus level of distraction currently happening, any ‘surprise’ must be viewed with a discerning eye.

A huge surprise could also occur on a personal level. If this occurs, and it’s not to your liking, know that it will all turn out for the best in the long run.

Trendwise, everything ‘survival’ as in devices, goods and services will be in demand. If you have a natural talent for this trend, go with it, because it will help many, and provide for you and your family, as well.

A note of caution: THOSE who seek rule over humanity are about to make an explosive statement.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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