Monday, May 23, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #142

“Much of the atmosphere was ripped away from my beloved Mars by the Destroyer. Although, by that time, most of the population had fled to other worlds, one of them being Earth.”

Questions form to the right of me. Questions form to the left of me. We gaze at each other, and suddenly all I can think about is what his mouth would feel like kissing mine.

“I’m having inappropriate thoughts about you,” I whisper. Geez, I say the silliest things sometimes.

The rushing sound of our breaths takes over. For long moments, we simply gaze at one another.

“Since it is too soon to ravish you beneath me,” he pauses, his eyes nearly dark as midnight, “let us explore more of the Great Lion Man.”

As if I’ve been hypnotized, I place my hand in his. He brings me toward him.

“I could not resist having you here. First.” Again our gazes become immersed. “You were always my greatest weakness. You were always my greatest strength, my Sh’raka.”

I shiver inside. Then, I simply shiver. I hear and feel the truth of his words. I don’t ask him to explain. I think I fear knowing more.

Still, I ask, “Why don’t I remember more?”

“It is called memories lost to darkness.” With lion like gentleness he positions me beside him. “In this time of Overcoming, it was necessary for some of us to be born into the darkness. To lose the memory, but not the knowing.”

“Yes, the knowing... I’ve always had the knowing. But, why would I choose to be born into the darkness?” The question slips out because it’s tearing at my soul. It has been for such a long time now.

And, because I’m weary. So very weary of living in this constricting, restricting darkness where nothing feels right. Not at all.

“You chose it for freedom,” he announces without hesitation.

Here I thought he would give me some mystical mumbo jumbo. Some wise mysticism that would, nonetheless, ring true. Yet, he hasn’t.

“Freedom. Freedom is the essence of life itself, of each breath we take,” I say.

“Yes. But those on Earth, many of them, have lost that knowing.”

“All to true,” I murmur as we move through what appears to be a mirrored surface.



For this week, the highs and lows will be alternately like leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, or diving into Dante’s inferno. This is because there is a great upliftment happening, and, at the same time, there is a terrible pull toward the dark side.

What is also occurring is that each one of us is discovering ourselves anew. We are, as humanity, so much more than we’ve been allowed to believe. As we enter ever more deeply into the Aquarian Age, who we truly are, surfaces in opposition to how we have perceived ourselves to be.

This will cause inner conflict for many. Out of this conflict there will be extreme behaviors that serve no one. However, there will also be brilliant leaps forward that will serve all of us on beloved Mother Earth.

Many who AWAKEN now will take on a subtle shine, a recognizable glow. There is no time like the present to begin people watching, if you don’t already do so. You will soon see the extra shine.

The following week is likely to be one of tough choices on a personal level, and within your family. It’s time to resolve the past in a manner that will benefit you, and those you love. There is a way, even if it means cutting the ties that bind.

Also, because of what will happen on the world stage, and around the globe this week, tough choices will need to be made by many of us. There will be major shifts in how the world at large operates, and we will need to take action.

During the next several weeks, a new alignment will rise. An old alignment of powers will fall. To disguise this enormous shift, subterfuge will be used, and lies will be told.

Also, contradiction will be the name of the game. Not only that, there will be a massive attempt by the corp elite to make humanity believe green is red, and red is green.

The intention is to cause everyone’s head to spin so fast with nonsensical ideas that a mass state of deception is achieved, and maintained. Your best defense is to step outside of yourself. Become the Observer. And, remain true to yourself.

On the economic front there will be a clash of ideologies. So it will appear. To protect yourself, and your livelihood, look for ways to do things differently. Also, look for ways to come together as an economically viable community.

During this time in history, those who are living in the real world, rather than inside a dreamworld, will be the eventual winners. To illustrate, if a tornado is headed your way, take action to save yourself, and others. Believing the tornado is not really coming toward you, or will surely pass you by, that is a dreamworld, and you won’t be the winner in the end.

Trendwise, all those with an affinity for animals will discover new opportunities to live their hearts. If you feel drawn to animals in any way, this is a sign. It’s time to change course. Animals, and pets of every kind, have a vital role in the future. One that far surpasses what has been.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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