Monday, May 9, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #140

His gaze envelops me with a kindness I am not used to, and with a passion... well, I’m not used to that, either. Not at all.

“This was just supposed to be a ride in a flying car,” I say.

“Destiny is its own master. A saying I am fond of.” Amen-Dhuroth scrutinizes my face in a gentle way. “Perhaps, some fig wine is in order.” He pauses to lessen the impact of his words. “You are pale.”

Hauling in a breath, I say, “I bet I am.” I consider for mere moments. “Why not? I’ve come this far. Fig wine it is.”

Before my very eyes, Amen-Dhuroth snaps his impressive fingers, and like movie-magic holds a tray. On top is a pearl-white bottle, and two stone chalices. One is pale jade while the other is a golden maize in color.

With a grand movement, he places the tray on a nearby table that is similar to a coffee table. The surface glistens, a golden mirror dreamily reflection our images. In sweeping gestures that remind me of a stage magician, he pours the dark wine.

Amen-Dhuroth offers me the slim maize chalice with a slight bow, and the trace of a benign smile. I clutch the stem too tight, uncertain. Uncertain on so many levels, as I watch him lift the jade chalice.

No, not uncertain about the wine. Although, I have no idea what it tastes like. But... just darn, mind-whirling uncertain. “Is there a social way of doing this... here? Manners, I mean.”

“We won’t stand on ceremony. Try a taste, my Sh’raka.”

I watch as he takes a robust swallow, and also tastes. Lifting the chalice, I give the wine the sniff test. I smell the distinctive sweetness of fig, along with honey.

Tentatively, I sip. The fruity fig taste of the wine blasts inside my mouth... in a good way. And, before I know it, I’m eagerly sipping. Yep, it’s too fast, and likely I’m on my way to being not-sober.

“What’s in that wine?” I ask as my Egyptian god host partially fills my chalice. His gaze tells me nothing, other than that he is pleased.

After setting the bottle down with lion-like grace, his gaze scans my face. “Much better, your pallor. To answer your question, it is a special fermentation process. One that brings out the sun in the fig.”

“Oh.” I don’t hesitate to raise the chalice, and sip again. I savor, understanding that word in new way. “Do you mean the sun’s energy in the fig?”

“The song the sun sings to the fig. Those frequencies are heightened, my beautiful one.”

Yep, already he is taking liberties because my inhibitions are being challenged. “Did I really paint those pictures? In another life?”

“Haven’t you painted in this lifetime?” His brows raise, and his question shines in his eyes.

Before I can answer, images flood my head... horrific scenes with billowing black smoke... I hear the scream of sirens... there is bedlam. So not good.



For the following week, and the next three weeks, watch out for the war-of-the worlds like atmosphere that will envelope the globe like a shroud. At the same time, a new light, a crossing point of light begins. This heavenly force will penetrate every being upon Earth, and transmute those who are willing.

On a personal level there will be opportunities to ‘see’ with new eyes. That is, what was ‘not’ known or seen before, will suddenly reveal itself. This will occur in relationships in such profound ways, either there will be major changes, or feeling and connections will deepen significantly. Be prepared, and count on your inner wisdom.

As BLOWBACK continues this week, the establishment will look for more tricks up its considerable sleeve. Look for a wild card to be played. Should this occur, there will be a serious state of bedlam.

Another dynamic that is gaining certain ground is ‘truth’. That is, the rise of truth will supercede the CIRCUS CIRCUS deceptions as the year, 2011, continues. More and more, many will be asking: What is reality? What is the real truth? The whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Once the tipping point is reached, answers will be demanded by the majority in ways that cannot be refused.

The hidden Magicians, their ‘magick’ becomes a force to be reckoned with as the year progresses. Those who are utilizing these powerful abilities will be able to influence circumstances toward the GOOD. And, they will lead the way in all of us learning how to use our inner magick.

On the economic front there is, and has been, a seesaw for ultimate control. As the Wall Street myth unravels, the bad guy Banksters are at each other throats. This results in a mishmash of strategies that is difficult to predict. However, the financial endgame is to bring humanity to its knees, and under the thumb of the soulless global cabal.

Your best strategy is to prepare like never before, and build like-minded communities where everyone watches out for each other. Also, radiation levels are off the charts in some regions, and the levels are a danger across the globe now. Take whatever precautions you can.

Trendwise, the PARANORMAL is taking a giant leap forward. There will be many opportunities to enjoy, learn and earn financial rewards from a career and/or business.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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