Sunday, May 29, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #143

“Freedom. Freedom is the essence of life itself, of each breath we take,” I say.

“Yes. But those on Earth, many of them, have lost that knowing.”

“All to true,” I murmur as we move through what appears to be a mirrored surface.

Alabaster jars nearly my height fill the chamber where we’re standing. Around me, are also furnishing made out of alabaster. Needless to say, I’ve never seen this type of magnificent sight before. Maybe, if I’d traveled to the Taj Mahal.

“What are inside the jars?” I ask, as I twirl slowly.

“Mostly wine, used for healing and for celebrations. This room is conducive to the final maturation. Unguents for healing and beauty are stored in the smaller jars. The round squat jars hold honey, mostly imported from Earth.”

“No honeybees,” I murmur, thinking about the terrible plight of pollinators on my beloved Earth. “I hope there are other worlds where honeybees are thriving.”

“We do have several large colonies here, who have adapted to Mars. However, the quality and characteristics of the honey is different. The pollinators, the honeybees will survive on the Mother planet, despite efforts to eliminate them, and the coming land changes.” His hand enfolds mine warmly, to comfort me I know.

“Well, that’s something.” Facing him I gaze into his spectacular leonine eyes for several moments, then ask. “Is the reverse going to occur? Humanity moving to Mars... that is, other than the covert settlements already here.”

He considers before answering me. “No, not as you’ve asked the question. There will come a time when many on Mars and Earth will interact as friends. Travel will be established, and, of course, there will be the commercial trading of products. Beyond what is occurring now.”

“Beyond?” I have to ask.

“There is already trade. Although, not with the Nazis, as they were once known. We trade with those of us who live on Earth. I see you are shocked.”

“Yes... sorta, but no. NASA’s secret space program is an offshoot of the Nazis... Operation Paperclip... still, to hear it spoken. Or, are these the Nazis who set up operations down in Antarctica?”

“Both. They joined forces long ago. There was a third group out of the country known as Argentina. Their forces have been limited to the moon, currently.”

“Tesla,” I say as his name pops into my mind.

“Yes, his knowledge and achievements are on Earth’s moon.”

I gasp.



For the following week, and month, turmoil will spin the planet. And, love will “steer the stars”, like the lyric from song, AQUARIUS, in the anti-establishment musical, HAIR.

The great divide is here between those individuals who walk the path of love, and those who prefer the chaos of war. This divide will gradually become a chasm. And, sides will be chosen.

Because of the confluence of dynamics, this is a tricky time, and a particularly tricky week. Put simply, the terrible and tragic meets the divine realm of love. The fierce pull of both forces, if not recognized, could cause a temporary feeling of craziness.

On a personal level, take a close look at the plans you have for your life. Given the rapid societal shifts occurring, it is wise to remain alert and adaptable. This week is an ideal time to update, or change your goals.

The color red is likely to be prominent this week, both good and bad. Take another look at your relationship with this color, and how it figures in your life, or how it does not.

Color, in general, rises anew in the human awareness. The various frequencies of color become a source of power and healing. This is true for dreaming, as well. Soon, those who form their own communities will begin to share dreams that are of benefit to them, and their overall well being.

Trendwise, the AWAKENING will become the trend of choice for many. Anything which illuminates the soul, and assists in bringing about real freedom, both spiritual and planetary freedom, will rise the like the phoenix and will shine before ALL who have eyes to see.

Of course, the soulless among us, will use all countermeasures to halt and coopt this trend. Beware.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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