Monday, May 16, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #141

Yep, already he is taking liberties because my inhibitions are being challenged. “Did I really paint those pictures? In another life?”

“Haven’t you painted in this lifetime?” His brows raise, and his question shines in his eyes.

Before I can answer, images flood my head... horrific scenes with billowing black smoke... I hear the scream of sirens... there is bedlam. So not good.

“What do you see?” he asks, as he gently plucks the chalice from my hand.

The strength and calm of his voice holds me up, as if he’s wrapped his arms around me. “Bedlam,” I murmur. “I see a horrific attack.”

“Ah, the future will play itself out, once again. As it did on Mars.”

“What do you mean?” I ask shakily.

Taking my hand, he leads me to an ancient Egyptian version of a chaise lounge, and seats me before I know it.

“The wars on Mars ultimately ended in a series of catastrophic battles. The aerial strikes destroyed much of the surface. However, that was before the planet, known as the Destroyer, arrived.”

“The Destroyer? The infamous Planet X?” I ask.

“Similar, if you are speaking of Nibiru. To the truth, my Sh’raka, there are ten celestial bodies orbiting our sun, known to NASA, but kept hidden from the people on Earth.”

“Oh,” I speak a moment later. “Planets?”

“Most of them are planet worlds. Three are artificial worlds. Their surfaces are non-reflective. Thus, not easily seen in the skies.”

“Pluto?” I burst out.

“Very much a world with a large and varied population. Currently.”

“I’m not exactly surprised.” I manage to shrug, emphasizing my words. “I’ve had this feeling for a long while now, that all the planets are populated. True?”

“Yes. Although, Mercury is a waystation. There were no original inhabitants. A long story best saved for another time.”

His smile enfolds me. His gaze enthralls me. My blood warms ridiculously, and I stop myself from squirming by tightly knotting my fingers. “Did many survive the catastrophic wars on Mars?”

“Much of the atmosphere was ripped away from my beloved Mars by the Destroyer. Although, by that time, most of the population had fled to other worlds, one of them being Earth.”

Questions form to the right of me. Questions form to the left of me. We gaze at each other, and suddenly all I can think about is what his mouth would feel like kissing mine.



This week begins with a large dose of cosmic, power-up vibes. Now is the ideal time to use this extra energy to change directions in your life, where it is advantageous to you and your loved ones. Or, use this divine pulse to alter the entire course of your life.

At this point in history, many will be drastically changing their lives. They will be following their divine, inner messages. This will involve traveling to a new destination for some. This is independent of those who must move because of the catastrophes happening around the globe.

During this week economic matters will take center stage. And, not for the good. Once again, the dynamics that are taking place are a mixed bag of tricks, major deceptions and downright lies. This will come to a head.

Likely, there will be a huge event within the next three weeks, that will ‘not’ appear to be related to the current economic woes. However, later, the truth will be known. And, as the year 2011 progresses, as has already been forecast, the truth will shine ever brighter.

Due to a recent hyper leap in energies, the Awakening has become a fast-moving, out-of-control wildfire. This is evidenced by how many are now turning a cold shoulder to the establishment.

At this time, there begins a new war against women as a gender. With the rise of the feminine force during the Aquarian Age, the ‘dark powers that be’ will use every cruel and horrendous strategy to oppress women, and their growing powers. This will be by both subtle psychological manipulation, and by a blatant use of physical domination.

Trendwise, this week is an ideal time to take a cue from the Full Moon in Scorpio. Seduction, secrets and rising like the phoenix. These are themes that will play well in the near future. To express them in the most powerful ways, use the deep wells of your imagination. At this time, your imagination is your best friend.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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