Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday's Words for February 24, 2010

We finally got our first real “dumping” of snow this year, and I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but it is all Mr. Ashbury’s fault.

I was driving him to work Monday morning. Looking out at the passing fields my beloved said, “This is pretty good, isn’t it? Practically the last week of February and no snow. I think winter’s over.”

“They’re calling for snow today,” said I. “Five inches at least.”

That was when he uttered those words: “Nah, never happen. I really think we’re done with winter.”

He’s older than I am by a couple years. If I know enough to never say never, you would think he’d know enough not to as well.

But alas, he said those words and sealed our fate. The drive Monday afternoon to go get him from work was the first really difficult drive of this winter. But am I going to complain? Not likely. Complaining falls under the same heading as “never say never”. And truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen it in years past. The round trip that usually takes me an hour and fifteen minutes took just a half hour more. I had purchased a complete set of brand-new snow tires in November—four of them—and this was the first winter I’d done so. Now that I have experienced the difference they make, I won’t willingly be without them again.

So many people have had such a horrible winter this year. Snow has fallen in record amounts in places that don’t usually see more than a light dusting, if that. It seems wrong somehow that we’ve escaped with so little snow, though we have had some pretty cold days. Personally, I really don’t know how anyone can look at the weather patterns over the last few years and not know that something has changed.

The recent snow fall notwithstanding, there have been signs of spring in the last week or two, and as you can imagine I cherish each of them. There’s a bird that sings in the spring time—I have no idea what he may look like, or even his species. I only know what he sounds like. As I was snuggling back in bed one day last week after returning from my morning commute, he serenaded me as I drifted off to sleep. What a wonderful gift that was!

Near the end of February the sky changes from that totally washed out blue to one of a deeper hue, and I noticed this just this past Saturday. And a few mornings ago, the air smelled so fresh and clean, I stopped to inhale deeply and felt instantly rejuvenated. It felt like spring was just around the corner.

It may seem I’m wishing my days away. I’m not, really. Time is precious, and no one knows that more than I do. And generally, I consciously take time every day to smell the roses and the coffee. It’s not the time I want to hurry on, it’s just the cold weather.

Part of my enmity with winter has to do with the lack of sunshine. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Too many cloudy days tend to drag me down, and while I know there are special lights I can buy to help to fight this condition, I seem unable to get around to getting them. Combating the winter blues becomes a major part of my day. I have to make a conscious effort to look forward, to plan things that are fun and cheering. And I have to remember to pamper myself once in a while.

In the mean time, the weather report I heard on the car radio this morning was not encouraging. The eastern seaboard of the United States may be in for another very serious winter storm, and we’re schedule for another five to ten inches here, too, over the next few days.

I turned to look at Mr. Ashbury as that radio weather report finished and reminded him of one very important fact: the snow shovel is on the front porch.

I don’t do sidewalks or porch steps or dig out the car. And that’s one ‘never’ he can take to the bank.


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